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  1. Muledaze

    2011 mule 610 fuel in oil?

    Wow, thanks for all the great references. I will let you know what I find in a couple weeks. Cheers
  2. Muledaze

    2011 mule 610 fuel in oil?

    Travis, any advice on how to check for these conditions? I'm not much of a mechanic but a fast learner.
  3. Muledaze

    2011 mule 610 fuel in oil?

    thanks for the help, haven't checked it out yet
  4. Dipstick shows pale color, dont think its water, smells like fuel, oil changed one week ago, level is very high. First I thought it was water condensed into the oil...but someone pointed out the smell, and it doesn't look white-milky. And a half qt or so in one week? So is it possible to get fuel leaking into the oil?