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  2. I’m usually at work 6 days a week from 8 to 8 but hopefully it’ll be changing soon, just need a general price range and I’ll probably just buy then and have shopped if possible
  3. I will call tomorrow after work, trying to get off before 1 with good enough luck. However I’m wondering.... I live in Southern California, and I drive the Mojave Deserts pretty frequently (at least a cruise a day.) every once in a while I like to drive her pretty hard tho. Is there any suspension that’ll make roller sections and dips/washouts similar to a trophy trucks suspension? Straps and all? If so, estimated what would something like that cost me? And around what price range are your Electric Steering and Suspension/long-travel kits. Sorry to ask on the forums. Been a pretty busy morning
  4. @WCF Do you still make the Joyner long travel kit and electric steering or is this project closed? 2009 Sand Viper 1100

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