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  1. I’m usually at work 6 days a week from 8 to 8 but hopefully it’ll be changing soon, just need a general price range and I’ll probably just buy then and have shopped if possible
  2. I will call tomorrow after work, trying to get off before 1 with good enough luck. However I’m wondering.... I live in Southern California, and I drive the Mojave Deserts pretty frequently (at least a cruise a day.) every once in a while I like to drive her pretty hard tho. Is there any suspension that’ll make roller sections and dips/washouts similar to a trophy trucks suspension? Straps and all? If so, estimated what would something like that cost me? And around what price range are your Electric Steering and Suspension/long-travel kits. Sorry to ask on the forums. Been a pretty busy morning here at the shop. Private message me if possible with pics and prices or possibly direct me to your website? BTW I just checked out your pics, the sheet fab is nice man, I just finished mine as well and color matched everything, I was also heading in the direction of adding another foot or so to the length of the frame nothing too custom. Just grinding down the welds to the firewall plate and moving the rear back together as a whole, then just reweld the plate after. Thoughts?
  3. @WCF Do you still make the Joyner long travel kit and electric steering or is this project closed? 2009 Sand Viper 1100

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