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    Okay, yes I am a chic... and yes I have always been a rider and love to ride anything with 2 to 4 wheels! I am currently preg. and have 3 months to go, and she will get her first dirt bike and gear at two with training wheels as well! I have the job that just about any rider would love.. I mean I clean Joyners, I sell Joyners, I ride Joyners, and I love them... I mean they need my tender love and care:)<br />www.tobefast.com

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  1. This is my baby in her papaws tool box:)
  2. hey! I miss my utv board friends! how is everyone?
  3. She is getting so big!!! already 16 pounds! I cant wait till we can go on rides together!!! well besides the ones she went with me when she was still in my tummy!
  4. I will have to call joyner... they still love me over there! I will see if i can get any information on them!
  5. i no longer am with mccoys but im always here if you have any q's about the joyners or if i can help you with anything just let me know... i still love joyners... i wanted to tell everyone hi...add me to myspace [email protected] is some new photos!!!
  6. Alex

    Happy Birthday!

  7. I miss everyone...this is my first day back!!! I have lost 50 pounds!!! haha but i wanted to say hi to everyone and let them see how big and beautiful my baby is getting!!!!
  8. I AM A MOMMY!!!!! I posted another with a couple pics and all her info:) yahhh im finally a mom!!!!!!!
  9. 1-6-9 20 inches long 8 pounds 7 ounces one big baby girl i was in labor from 8 in the morning until 5:43 She is beautiful and we lover her so much...
  10. Merry Christmas!!! just to let everyone know im really about to blow now!! I was dilated one last week and go back tom. to see how much more i have but I have been in pain and I feel it could be any second...Hope everyone had a great Christmas and even better new year!!!!
  11. My skinny little sister told me I looked like a cute lil fat kid last night... i was like oh really well i cant wait till your ass gets preg. and i can tell you the same thing! ohh James made that mistake also... and i think he turned off his ears for a good 20 minutes straight... at first no one thought i was preg. now it looks like i inhaled a beach ball and everyone is like your huge... you can always tell who doesnt have children because if they do they def. dont tell you how fat you look.
  12. Bike is pretty much brand new... was rode very few times... less than 20 hours. asking $4,000...call and make an offer though.... 606-432-1556 Mike
  13. Look at this.... im about to explode!!!!!!!!

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