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    George, Cinda and Lance Stillings are also known as Paiute3, we love being out on our 700 Sportsman or in our Joyner T4. George is a live long rider and driver of off road vehicles and Cinda fell in love with ATVs on a trip to Alaska. Now its hard to keep her off or out of one.

    Our son Lance has always been an outdoors kid and loves nature, however sadly several years ago he had a stroke due to a hospital aquired infection and lost the use of the entire right side of his body. Lance has worked very hard and although he still can't use his arm he has regained some use of his leg so that he can walk very short distances using an arm cane. In the spring of 2008 we purchased a Joyner T4 so that Lance could once again enjoy the great outdoors he so loves.

    In the summer we go to Utah almost every week-end to ride the Paiute Trail, we have a fantastic time and look forward to going back there every year.

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  1. voted! See everyone there! We will be in Marysvale before the Jamboree if anyone would like to try the Paiute.
  2. Well guys we sold the T4 today, a real nice guy bought it. He brought his kids over with him to see and they loved it so it went to a good home where it will be used. We told him about the forum and about the Joyner Family Reunion, his name is Greg. We still want to come to the Reunion if the dates work out for us. We have a week scheduled in Marysvale but it looks like Hanksville is pretty close.
  3. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/mcy/2170785271.html Just in case anyone needs one, they have other parts for sale as well.
  4. I just saw this http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/pts/2147391435.html
  5. Just saw this on Facebook, the video is good and fun to watch. http://utvweekly.com/index.php/2010/12/ranger-rzr-introduces-a-whole-new-class-of-side-x-side-ranger-rzr-xp-900-offers-razor-sharp-xtreme-performance/
  6. that looks like a nice place Rocmoc. Are we set on the dates?
  7. Happy Holidays Jimmy! George and Ciinda
  8. Maybe its just the time of year Rocmoc. A lot of people are traveling or just busy with the holidays.
  9. We've been pruning trees the last two days. The weathers been beautiful much better than last month.
  10. Do you want to start a poll Rocmoc? (1) Southern Utah (2)Idaho or? The gas price is going to determine a lot of peoples ability to participate so that really needs to be considered.
  11. A number of people have been riding around Brian Head and towards Rubys Inn but I don't have any idea of what the trails are like. Personally I'ld like to stay away from sand and ride where its cool.
  12. I did get a new email, lots of trouble with the yahoo account. I'll pm it to you.
  13. As long as it is within a reasonable distance of Marysvale, within 4-6 hour drive we will be good. I was just saying thats where we will be already for our anniversary trip and we are leaving the motor home there for the summer. I just don't want to have to drive to far. Marysvale won't do what you want RocMoc because the joyners are to wide for the black trails so you would be bored. When we were up there last summer they had actually graded out several of our favorite trails (yes black trails included) and we were calling them super hiways, no challenge. Lets be honest they ruined awesome

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