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  1. Just stopping by to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I see by scanning the messages that the same old crowd is still here but has dwindled considerably. I still have my RZR and have racked up a lot of hours and miles on it, especially with the Search & Rescue team and just joy riding. My friend just took delivery of the new Can-Am Commander side by side. It is an awesome machine and talk about fast, it leaves my RZR in the dust. LOL I still like the small foot print of the RZR however for getting into tight places and being light I stay on top the snow instead of
  2. Hi all! Thought I would check in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Jimmy
  3. Thanks for the update! I hope as turbo's become more popular they come down in price. I have seen about 6 different turbo manufactures for the RZR now. They get scary fast when you double the HP on these things.
  4. If your an off-roader you will love Reno! Most Californians call it Nevada's best kept secret. We have tried to not make it another Vegas City and have succeeded very well even though gambling is allowed. Its a great place to raise a family, not to big, not to small and the weather is great year round. Snow capped mountains and sandy desert. I moved from Utah and never looked back. We have hundreds of places to ride just out my back door. Give me a yell if you make it out this way.
  5. I hope that is not your clutch knee you may have to go for an auto trans. How does the Trooper compare to your LJ Tech since they have the same Chery 1100?
  6. Hi Kurt Have not talked and seen you on BN for awhile. How is the T2 treating you now that you have had it for awhile. Does your Bro still have the 650? And yes, anyone that has been in Nevada for more than 20 years is considered a native. And what a fun place it is!
  7. When I had the Trooper I got pretty good at changing it. I also had the welded on skid plate so there was no access until I cut a few access holes in it. But the trick I used and it worked quite well was I would drive my quad up behind it and get the winch attached to the drive line and it would pull right off. Getting the new one on takes some work also, that is where the access holes in the skid plate come into play.
  8. The new KIDS RZR is showing up at dealers now! Its larger than I thought when shown next to a RZR S. But the kids won't outgrow it so fast. First reports coming in is its quit impressive for what it is. Two large adults in it climbing a very steep hill. After market accessories are showing up from Polaris and 3rd party manufactures like doors, windshields, roofs, etc. Let the fun begin for the kids, get on the list for summer!
  9. Well almost, this setup will allow you to take your kids with you and still be 50" trail capable. It don't look like adults would be to comfortable and Polaris does not recommend more than 200lbs in bed, but small kids would be great! PS. The new Baby RZR is now at most dealers with a waiting list of course, check it out for your kids!
  10. I do like those small little towns and they have my favorite restaurants in Mexico. Just carry some 38's on your hip.
  11. I don't think so... http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090118/ap_on_...xico_besieged_2
  12. That is incredible, so much for global warming. Here in Northern Nevada we have had a little bit less than normal snow pack in the mountains. The weather has been in the 50's and near 60 degree weather today so it has been great but this is about normal for us. My son is a doctor in Atlanta and has been freezing his butt off there every time I talk to him. Sounds like you need one of these for off roading.
  13. I would be happy with two of these options, German engineering at China prices! But German quality does not come cheap. Two of my riding buddies have VW dune buggies that are 30 years old and those things just keep on going. But the VW is old technology these days.
  14. Hey Mike, I was wondering where you went, you have been keeping a low profile lately. I was only quoting a statement from Obama about the buy American products. Its hard to find anything that is 100 % made here anymore. The RZR and even the Rhino are built in this country but I am sure the RZR probably has something China on it. If you want electronic products you have no choice because I don't think there are any products made here anymore like TV's, cameras, etc. At one time everything said made in the USA, then Japan, then Taiwan, then Korea, now China. We saw junk come out of all
  15. BUY AMERICAN MADE! As President-elect Barack Obama prepares his economic stimulus package, his advisers are looking into inserting a "Buy American" plank. An Obama spokesperson told Bloomberg that "We are reviewing the buy American proposal and we are committed to a plan that will save or create 3 million jobs, including jobs in manufacturing." Say NO to foreign products, buy quality!

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