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  2. Heh, I know you guys are not easy on anyone.................
  3. 2008 Joyner T2 Maroon (?) Black powder coated custom engine panel Hush Thrush muffler Brand New 27" Dirt Commander tires K&N filter and pre-filter Mobile 1 synthetic oil Manual fuel pump switch Body has couple wear marks from cover One wheel has a small ding 346 miles (barely broke in) $7600 Trailer not included. Kurt 702 seven eight five 14 seventy 1
  4. Mike, Do you have a build on the new one posted anywhere yet ? You building it yourself? Good luck on the sale... Your buggy looks/ sounds killer form the vids I've seen.....
  5. Sounds like a great time.... One of these trips I'll make it again.... Lenny, you should just do a new frame to mount the Joyner stuff in...... Then let me know how much a copy would cost...... Lol
  6. Once again the Jamboree gods have shat on me.... Due to a unforeseen family reunion pending and a possible daughter going to study abroad, I have determined that I am once again not able to attend..... One of these years, one of these years......
  7. "IF" is the operative word until I pull into a parking spot for weekend........ Don't want to jink myself... I'm even afraid to make a reservation yet....
  8. If I make it, you're welcome to thrash my T2...
  9. If it's the same as the sand spider 650, you might check on buggynews.com also... Unless your already on there.....
  10. Rocmoc has to stick around.... He's a "SUPER moderator"...
  11. Let us know what you get into if the Troopers sell.... I'm always looking for something new to get into... Good luck on the sale.
  12. I was always too busy as a kid getting in trouble and breaking stuff. My older brother is a great mechanic because of it... LOL.. Now I have the time to learn how to fix it after I break it.... Just need to convince wife to spend $$$ on a shop..... So I can quit working outside....

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