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i think you guys may like

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    • By Todd
      I bought a storage box for under the hood.  It came with no brackets or instructions, and it is not obvious how to secure it to the frame.  Perhaps someone here with one installed can enlighten me.  Maybe some pix of the mounting points?  Anything before I start drilling would be appreciated.  Thx
    • By SteveSS
      My mother is a hard worker.  She's 91. Lately the pain in her legs is so bad it's keeping her from working as hard as she wants. She lives on a 20 acre ranch in Black Forest,  Colorado. It's bad enough sometimes she can't walk back and forth to her front gate which is about 100 yards each way. Working hard is her joy in life and she recently broke down crying to my daughter talking about how she feels limited. I want to get her a UTV, soon. She's pretty little only 100 pounds. Money isn't really an issue. This is Colorado and her ranch is at 7500 above sea level so snow is always a factor but with the sun and our atmosphere being so thin snow melts pretty quick. Still I want 4WD as an option or fulltime. I want entering and exiting easy, She doesn't need ground clearance. She will never go trail riding. I'd like to have an enclosed and or removable cabin and heat if possible. Easy start up and do they all have clutches? No clutch or a very light one would help. Some kind of a bed for gardening would be good. That doesn't have to be heavy duty. We're not hauling wood.  We have a Kubota tractor I can use for snow plowing. This is just a runabout for the ranch. Even electric would probably work. I don't think we want some no name Chinese thing. I'm around and live about 15 miles away but I can't be there 24/7. We watched a video about Polaris UTV 570 but that's the only video we watched.
      I frequent other board like those about muscle cars and we're always wary about first time posters especially if they're selling something. I'm not selling but I am a serious buyer and I'm trying to move rather quickly on this.
      Steve in Colorado.
    • By Charliepurvis1964
      Where can I get a gear box for a 2014 1100 ground pounder 
    • By res2fr
      Hello All,
         I know this sounds strange but I've had most of this machine apart and putting back together again and I have NOT found the fuse box. Every Manual that I have access to says to Open the hood, take the top off the battery box and you'll find the fuse box. It's Not there in fact I Cant even find the three Connecters that would be used from the wiring harness. At least looking for what is listed as the correct Replacement part for this. Hoping that someone can make me feel Old and Feeble by coming up with some simple spot that I Swear I've already looked at but just did not see the Box.
      Thank you all for even looking at this and maybe getting a small Chuckle.
    • By Erk13
      Where can I get a tool to release the connectors or pins  on my Bennche Hisun ? I'm sure they are on Amazon or EBay but don't know what size. My machine was flooded and I want to clean the connectors
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