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  1. I am not far from you Kinarfi. I am in Mountain View WY. On your way to Flaming Gorge. Alot of my riding will be up here tooling around in the desert and the mountains. Will use it hunting for sure. I might make it to the dunes once a year, maybe twice if that. Mostly Little Sahara or the Killpecker Dunes North east of Rock Springs. So I talked with the guy today and he is to be sending me some more pictures but here is the list he has done to it: Brand new set of Ripsaw 27" tires http://www.sedonatires.com/product/rip-saw-rt Snow plow (big bonus for me, I need it) Aluminum custom mad
  2. Charlie, where did you get your air shocks? What do you mean by doing the diff upgrades? Thanks for the reply!!!
  3. I just found the add again and it is a 08' model year. Is this good or bad? I think I could get it for $6,000. Low miles, the nice front windshield, new tires, and snow plow. Probably a few other things but that is all I can tell from the pic. I haven't got to talk to the guy yet as he was headed to work and exchanged a few quick texts.
  4. System locked up on me.... I also wanted to ask, What are the must do mods to the machine before even leaving the garage? Think reliability and safety here. What performance mods would you do? If I get a loan on this machine I could get enough to do a few mods to it like power steering and maybe the ECM or whatever it is I read about on here. If I haven't made my wife mad enough buying it, maybe even go turbo. I am a bit of a power head LOL. Thanks for any advice in advance. ohh and P.S. Is Joyner fully running now so parts are readily available again?
  5. Hello all. New to here but not to Joyner. I bought my kids a 250 Sand Viper a few years back. While not perfect, it was a good ride and they loved it. Now I am in the market for a sxs and have found a possible lead on a cherry used T2. I have always been intrigued by the Trooper. It has alot of features I only wish the big manufactures had but I have a few questions. Is the clutch reliable? I love the idea of no CVT but how often do you have to replace the clutch and if you do, how hard are the parts to find? Do you find the suspension lacking in travel and shock performance? I seen Mc

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