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Hey guys had the trooper out over the weekend 210 miles when in the white mtns of nh right up to the canada border beutifull landscapes up there! No issues with the trooper but got some questions cause I am not use to driving the trooper at 30-40 miles an hour for extended periods of time

Mine is an 09 1200 miles on it when should I do the t-belt

When your cruising along do any of you guys get gear type noise from your tranny not when accelerating but like at a steady speed easing in and out of the throttle my tranny has always been on the louder side the fluid is clean and I just changed it before the trip should I but a heavier grade oil in??

And I also notices I was getting a light rattle noise from I believe the front almost like as if u had two wrenches and were lightly tapping them together it came and went the noise I also noticed if I put my foot on the brake a little it stopped. Can't imagine it's a wheel bearing but maybe the brake pads rattling??

Thank Charlie

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Yes my tranny always made noise when cruising down the road. If you are refering to the fan belt, it is fine. It will out last the rest of the Trooper. The clicking upfront on mine was the brake pads. Didn't bother me as my race cars always did the same thing. The Trooper doesn't have the little clips you install to stop the noise.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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thanx rocmoc and dan. I was talking about the actual t-belt behind the cover I know in the auto industry typically last 90,000-100,000. The noise I think is the brakes I will be pulling it apart this week to check. yes the tranny cruising down the road is when I hear it. The tranny like i said has always been loud just wanted to make sure it was normal cause I usually dont use 4th and 5th gears around home

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Not so sure the noise is tranny, I think it may be the differential and I've had a noisy machine for several years and 16000+ kilometers, wish I could eliminate it, but can't, the front brakes do have slop in them an I always here a small slap every time it step on the brakes.

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Hey guys found the rattle noise in the front end some of it I believe was the brake pads so I put some anti seize lube on the outside of them and I found the one of the hyme joints at the rack had gotten little loose so I greased it and tightened it and no more noise

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