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  2. old school vaccuum gauge? Just kidding...way past my knowledge.
  3. yes I an interested will have to see how the weekend goes. Call me before you leave and we can work out some sort of plan Jeff
  4. You probably want to post in the Joyner section of this board. That is where everyone hangs out and you will actually get an answer to your questions. Jeff
  5. Am posting some pics of my trooper work this summer. There are several pics here. Have some more at home I need to add for other things. This is mainly the cage modifications I did. Thanks again to everyone for their help! Jeff
  6. #1- Bought Trooper Then: -Drilled and tapped ball joints to 1/2 inch bolts -Front and Rear Diff upgrades from Lenny with Kinarfi's Help -K&N Filter -Snorkeled filter with 2" ABS pipe/fittings to behind driver's head (Kind of cool you can hear it gulping air when it needs it) -waterproofed my ECU box -Steering Box Kit from Lenny (good thing as only 3 of the 6 bolts holding the top on were even still there) -put on sport bike muffler so I can tell it apart from Kinarfi's Harley -Mirrors -Had rear cage red-done and rear seat put in so we could bring the midget along for rides (idea thanks to 2scoops "chopped liver") -disassembled and sanded rear cage to bare metal and then coated with POR 15 and overcoat (hope this lasts well) and then re-installed -replaced stock fuel pump as it was sticking and mounted Trick Flow EFI pump and new lines and filter Then: -Lost my Key Then: -installed toggle for ignition/accessories and push button start--never have to remember to bring my Key again Oh yeah, actually have gotten a couple rides in between all the work!!! I need to figure out how to post and link to pictures like some of you do so I can put pictures up of all my mods for all to see. Thanks to all of you for the advice, ideas, Kits (Lenny), help (kinarfi), and general camaraderie. Hope to get lots more enjoyment out of it! Jeff
  7. Casey from JMC referred me to a guy named Chris who has done some work on joyner differentials. He is checking through things (Junk box) to see if he has one...said he very well may have one and would get back to me. Will keep you posted. Jeff Can you PM me his number? Thanks, rocmoc n AZ
  8. Bet that muffler is put on by the dealer Jeff
  9. Who is Casey? What is jmc? How do I get a hold of him? How is that for asking a lot of questions when you were trying to help?
  10. ROCMOC, I got a message back wihting a couple of hours today from the "jefferyphx" guy with all the bits and pieces...don't know if you ever heard back from him regarding your inquiry but seemed to respond fast to me...unfortunately did not have one of the washers I need or at least he doesn't know if he does as it does not have a part number. Jeff
  11. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/TFS-25004P/ This is what I used. It is a trick flow EFI pump with 85 PSI and was $85. Nothing special, most any inline pump with enough pressure should work, but got this one as it was 5/16 line in and out. Ran new line from the tank through a new filter and then to regulator. Didn't touch anything from the regulator forward. Haven't driven it much but seems to be working just fine. Jeff
  12. Swapped out the old Chinese junk for some new. New pump, lines, filter. Spent about $100 for the whole shabang and works like a charm still at 50 PSI like before. The old pump was just sticking. It is welded together so not serviceable. Cant have a sticking pump when you are miles from nowhere! Jeff
  13. Just so everyone can feel safe, I got Lenny's steering kit in a couple of days ago and seems like it will hellp A LOT! But I was confused with the first part of the instructions....It said to remove the 6 allen head screws for the stock steering box cover. When I went to do this I found mine only had 3 screws (remaining) and they were only HAND TIGHT....AGHHHHHH . I was about two bumps removed from turning the wheel left and careening straight over the side of a mountain! No wonder it was making some noise Will keep a little closer eye on things like that in the future.

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