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Hi Guys the first Troopers are in the USA now.They will be at a few dealers in the next few weeks.This is the new trooper pictured.




So this makes me wonder. Since there is no Joyner USA and you say they are in the states now...where are they? Wouldn't they have to come to the dealers directly? Why would it take a few weeks to get to your door? Sounds like a slow truck from China as well.



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Quiq, would not come up on my computer either. Found the Trooper on Craigslist so here is another link, http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/rvs/2501289505.html

Looks like they used the same pics as No Limits pic, http://www.joyner-atv-utv.com/

The pics are canned pics.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

Sorry it didnt come up.

Rocmoc your right,thats kinda what i was refering to as well as price.Guess none are here yet so everyone is using promotion photos.

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If this is the 2011 and is as it comes from the factory?

There is a couple of things I noticed. The lights have been moved down to the location I used 4 years ago. They have gone to expanded metal in the bed above the engine like I did last year. And they moved the spare tire location like I did 3 years ago. I feel like I am on the cutting edge. Maybe the 2012 will come out with a lower cage & 31X15 tires & supercharger, LOL!

rocmoc n AZ

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