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  1. Just give me your address and when you will be at work so I can stop by with my truck and take a good look at it.
  2. Have any of you seen the flooding going on in Minot? It is the highest water level ever recorded. It will be 5.5' higher then ever recorded. Some homes will have 10-15' feet of water. I have been helping friends move for the last week. http://www.facebook.com/kxnewsminot
  3. Please stay in contact don't care about your connection to joyner other then its whats best for you. Hope you are doing good! Todd
  4. I am probably the closest one to you. I am in North Dakota.
  5. I have been using the napa gold 1348 since the first oil change its their top of the line filter. It also fits my garden tractor. Its a very common filter.
  6. Welcome and thanks for your service to our country!
  7. I want to go there so bad but dont know if I will ever make it. But I do love watching the videos.
  8. I have tried to send a pm and get "The following errors were found Array" any ideas?
  9. Real sorry to here about you guys getting hurt. But you know what they say things come in 3s so I am safe.
  10. X2!! I was getting ready to place an order for bearings,break pads and fuel controller but I am not sure I want to. I will wait and see what the response is and think about it then. Pretty disappointed in what I was thinking was going to be a go to dealer.
  11. Do you have any stock manifolds for sale?
  12. We dont get our weather from down south it will come from Canada or Oregon. Some times we get moisture from the golf tho. Anyway its that time of the year that it will be 30-40 one day and -20 the next. I just wish the snow would stop we have 36" in the front yard and the next 2 months will be the snowiest could end up with another 36" before its all done. I like the snow just not this much cant ride the T2 but have lots of fun in the truck. It surprised the heck out of me I missed the road as I could not see it the snow was the same level in the ditch. I thought I was stuck for sure I locked it in and pushed snow up over the bumper for a 100 yards it was about 4' deep.
  13. Its 34 here in ND yesterday and today. This time of the year that is what we call t shirt weather. Last weekend it was -30 with 45mph wind now thats cold.
  14. 2-10" thats nothing we already have 31" and are supposed to get another 8-16 in the next 3 days. Thats why I want tracks so i can go ride with the new cab and heater and not get stuck. Love the white stuff you just get stuck you dont break things. 4x4x454 ND
  15. I got a poly windshield with my trooper and a Lexan one with my enclosure. But I will have a safety glass one made next spring so I can run windshield whippers and not destroy the windshield. If I were you I would just have a glass one made up you will be much happier in the end. Just my thought on the subject of windshields.
  16. Have any of you seen the new SXS from Can Am ? It is what I would be getting if I did not have a Trooper. http://en-us.can-amside-by-side.brp.com/home.aspx Awesome is all I can say. Todd
  17. I ordered A enclosure from Brostar and what a difference it has made. It is much more enjoyable to ride in the cold. Now I am ordering a heater to complete that part of the project. Next year I hope to get some tracks and make it a true go anywhere any time machine. This is truly an awesome toy. Todd
  18. Yesterday we had a storm an got 16" of the white stuff. I was driving around to get to my back yard and could not see where the road was or where the ditch was and needless to say I missed the road and drove in to the ditch. Boy did I think I was stuck. My Suburban has 5" of lift and 33x12.50 BFG ATs and I tried to back out and went no where so I just stood on it and I was pushing snow up over the front bumper which is over 36" off the ground. I was amazed but I made it 100 yards to my driveway and got out of the ditch. Man I love that truck.
  19. Thank you. I tried but my wife would not have any part of it.
  20. If the price is right I would like to test it for you.

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