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  1. I have power steering now, but as you drive it, the steering wheel will make a 360 in about 50 miles, that I cant figure out. I will look at silver bullet and and get the parts I need. I will most likely get the new boot for the tie rod ends that they have. I think that these are the repairs that I need to make right away. My sons will upgrade the diffs when I have my surgery. Its great to have kids that love thier dad....Steve
  2. Thanks to all on this forum.. Your are the Americans that I fought for! The willingness to help each other is the true American Spirit. I thank you all. I went for a ride last night with my 17 year old son. We road up the mountains behind our house. I found out that the trooper drives like its on rails. My son has raced motocross, and when I went around the coners he said that I scared the hell out of him. This was good for me...I loved it. On another note, I need to get some parts. I need new tie rod ends for the front, new ball joints, and I have a small leak in the right rear out p
  3. first question that I have. What auto rims will fit the T2 so I can use it on the street? I dont want to destroy my other tires, but want to drive it on the roads. Steve
  4. I know where you were. I was medivaced through Balad to Germany. A good group of people there. A hard area to work, the hajies knew thats we used that base for medivac, so they hit it pretty often...Steve
  5. Thanks guys. I will get a new muffler for it to keep it quite. The air cleaner has been snorkled, but i dont know what kind of air cleaner it has. If it does not have a K&N, I will get one...As far as the jamboree, I wont be able to make it. I am have another surgery on the 14th of June, my 4th from the injuries I sustained while in Iraq. I am hoping to be at next years. being retired, I have more time to do the things that are fun..Thanks again for the welcome..Steve
  6. Thanks for the welcome! My T2 should arrive today. When it does, I will get pictures up. It is a 2009 trooper, I got 2 sets of tires with it, and a full cab with a heater. This will be great for hunting in montana. I live in Florence, just south of missoula on the western edge by Idaho. I am trying to contact the previous owner to find out what upgrades he has done to it. If not, the first thing i will do is the diffs, and a hinged hood. Other than that, I will know when I drive it.....Steve
  7. I have been reading this forum and decided to buy a T2. I think that this will be the first one in Montana. I am a disabled vet from the Iraq war. I served 13 years as an 11B and a Sniper. My trooper will be delivered tomorrow, needless to say, I am just a little excited. I am glad that there is a forum like this and many people willing to help with problems. I am looking forward to riding in the mountains of Montana with my trooper. I most likely will be asking alot of questions about the upgrades on the mechanical aspects, so please be patient with me. Thanks to all the good people o

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