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  1. ruesch95


    Yup, hit a basket ball hoop.
  2. ruesch95

    any one have these?

    Black Widow Shocks - $598.00 : Ruesch Motor Company Online Store, See you in the Winners Circle Im thinking about replacing my shocks with theses.
  3. ruesch95

    Utah sXs Group

    Just joined this morning.
  4. Well after my little smash with the Ruesch. I need some parts. Here they are" Front rim Front shock Steering box thing. A WORKING throttle cable Carb Choke cable. Shipped to 84118 Thanks
  5. ruesch95

    General UTV Advice Request

    If I were you, I would go look at the new Polaris Rangers. They will do everything that you listed.
  6. ruesch95


    I got it into teh shop today with the help of my neighbor and my Troy-Bilt lawn tractor. Going too look into whats all messed up. I'll get some pics up and maybe a vid. Im going to fix her, hopefully I can have it done before winter.
  7. ruesch95


  8. ruesch95


    There still open. In fact they just launched a new line of jet ski things. 1110 cc,
  9. ruesch95


    Im going to give Ruesch a call tomorrow and see about the warranty on it. She will be back on the trails....hopefully soon.
  10. ruesch95

    Dual batteries ?

    Thanks for all of the info Kinarfi! Once I get ready too do it, I'll let you know. But I got a lot bigger issue to deal with now. ........ - UTV BOARD - Side X Side and UTV Forum
  11. ruesch95


    throttle stuck, ran over my buddy who was starting it, ran into my neighbors fence.
  12. ruesch95

    Workdog's Ruesch

  13. ruesch95

    Dual batteries ?

    Any one done this? I want to add another one for my lights and the radio. I was looking at getting a battery isolator from Checker auto for like $35. Will this work?
  14. ruesch95

    just some info.

    Thought I would give a little bit of a update on the battery and fuel tank fix. Both working well! The battery turns the Ruesch over fine in 30 degree weather (what it was yesterday here).