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  1. Yup, hit a basket ball hoop.
  2. Black Widow Shocks - $598.00 : Ruesch Motor Company Online Store, See you in the Winners Circle Im thinking about replacing my shocks with theses.
  3. Well after my little smash with the Ruesch. I need some parts. Here they are" Front rim Front shock Steering box thing. A WORKING throttle cable Carb Choke cable. Shipped to 84118 Thanks
  4. If I were you, I would go look at the new Polaris Rangers. They will do everything that you listed.
  5. I got it into teh shop today with the help of my neighbor and my Troy-Bilt lawn tractor. Going too look into whats all messed up. I'll get some pics up and maybe a vid. Im going to fix her, hopefully I can have it done before winter.
  6. There still open. In fact they just launched a new line of jet ski things. 1110 cc,
  7. Im going to give Ruesch a call tomorrow and see about the warranty on it. She will be back on the trails....hopefully soon.
  8. Thanks for all of the info Kinarfi! Once I get ready too do it, I'll let you know. But I got a lot bigger issue to deal with now. ........ - UTV BOARD - Side X Side and UTV Forum
  9. throttle stuck, ran over my buddy who was starting it, ran into my neighbors fence.
  10. Any one done this? I want to add another one for my lights and the radio. I was looking at getting a battery isolator from Checker auto for like $35. Will this work?
  11. Thought I would give a little bit of a update on the battery and fuel tank fix. Both working well! The battery turns the Ruesch over fine in 30 degree weather (what it was yesterday here).

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