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This is for all of you Ruesch UTV, SxS (Side by Side) owners. Ruesch UTV specific topics.

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  4. Dual batteries ?

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  5. just some info.

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  8. Ruesch rally?

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  11. Ruesch update

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    • Ok so I can’t get an adapter for my two cheap code readers? im assuming an adapter that is 4 pins and fits the plug in next to the fuse box may work. But if it can’t read the code from the Delphi based deal you described then it would be useless. I think it’s some kind of motorcycle brand based adapter like Yamaha or Harley. It’s just a cheap enough solution that I may try it before I spend 300$. Maybe you already know what you’re talking about. I sure don’t know much in this & many other areas. If I did my UTV would be running and not such a terrible disappointment 
    • I know that I shouldn’t need 93 octane because I read what type of gasoline to put in it in the hisun maintenance manual. I appreciate the answer about the numbers I’m seeing at start up. I’m assuming it’s a 550 because 4 people and a 15 miles trip may have cracked a head. The plug in for the temperature sensor was siliconed when I purchased it & it never showed that it was hot but there is definitely too much liquid in the oil. Milky over full & wouldn’t burn when changed. I changed it & my daughter drove it a few miles & it was milky again and barely over full. The number I think on the plug is an 8 I installed a 7 but I haven’t been running it due to cracked head or head gasket. Thanx I thought those numbers meant I needed a new computer. 700 means my display or computer might have come from a 700. What does -7 mean? I might adjust the idle but it is close to correct. It will almost idle now on 93 octane and I didn’t think it had enough grounds so I added a couple & I can tell it is almost idling like you’d want. The only reason I added grounds is because we bought it & it wouldn’t start due to mice chewing on the wiring harness. I paid to have it fixed. It would have probably been cheaper to get a new harness but the guy that said he could fix it didn’t do it right. So I’ve been working on it here in my 40 x 60 metal building. I’m just about to pull it back in and start taking it apart to replace the head(or less likely with my luck the head gasket) and temp sensor that screws into the top of the engine.
    • All my starting and running issues funneled down to water in the gas tank. Got that all cleaned out and so far, all is well and running real good.
    • After I did the modification it seemed that the recommended adjustment procedure didn't work properly. So I winged a readjustment and it worked good for a short period of time then after a while I was having slight grinding again, but not as bad. Adjusted it again and all was well, but then recently it seemed seemed to have a loud bang, as if it had totally slipped out of gear, but it was still in, which was strange. I was concerned there were some internal issues, but noticed that the shifter was hitting up against the upper part of the bezel and possibly not going all the way into forward gear. I adjusted it one more turn and it is now doing good so far, plus I seem to have a hair more space between the top of the bezel and the shifter rod, so we will see. It may need another adjustment along the way, but all-in-all, the modification does seem to be helping and does make me feel a little more confident.
    • I adjusted the cable, it took me a few tries also.  But seams to be working good now, hope it last.
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