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Ruesch update

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I LOVE mine! Haven't had any problems with it (except the dealer).

I took it on the elk hunt and had no problems then around the 30th of October its going on the deer hunt.

The only thing that was a problem was tuning the carb for the area's I ride in; but the new Panther is Fuel Injected.

Let us know what you do.


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      James Ruesch, the owner of Ruesch Motor Company has milked DOZENS of dealers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and has somehow remained out of jail. I repeat, the creator and master mind of Ruesch Motor Sports (UTV, Side by Side, Panther Alpha Male) Ruesch Media, and many more that he (James L. Ruesch) founded is a SCAM ARTIST. We don't take or say this lightly and completely understand the implications of this kind of statement, IF IT WAS SAID FALSELY. Be assured it is not. Also be sure to visit http://www.ripoffreport.com/motor-vehicle/ruesch-motor-company/ruesch-motor-company-ruesch-ut-46d2e.htm That will just get you started. If your still not convinced reply here and well be happy to unload the warehouse of crap we and dozens of other dealers have had to endure. James Ruesch has taken, scammed, stolen HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars from the new dealers that he "Trained" in Las Vegas and has either not delivered any product to them OR has given them machines that are in VERY VERY poor condition/quality. The machines are what many people originally thought when he first came to market… They are CHEAP CHINESE CRAP. (see the last post from link above, it's from the manufacturer them selves!) He is not building these machines from the ground up, but is using an existing Chinese UTV company and then tweaking the machines a bit to call it his own . BUYER/DEALER BEWARE! ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS AND ASK FOR FINANCIALS! (You wont see um) (RE: The James Ruesch Scam, James Ruesch Financial Status, James Ruesch China Chinese UTV, Ruesch Motor Company, Panther Alpha Male, Ruesch UTV)

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