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  1. Az Bound

    Az Bound

  2. Although this is a late response, it may help someone in the future. My engine belt also developed a noise which I attributed to a loose fan belt. Over time I just keep tightening it and the noise went away for a while, but it always came back. Finallly, I remove the alternator and pulled it apart. Both bearing were bad. I dropped it off at a starter and alternator repair place and in about two hours the guy called me and said it was ready, fifty dollars to him and I was back on the road. Happy Trails
  3. Lenny: Sign me up for both. Please let me know where to forward your payment. Thanks Az Bound
  4. We were riding the majove trial in Arizona about four hours into the ride when the front end on our trooper developed a clicking sound in the front end. Pulled the right front wheel and took a hard look. Turned out to be brake pads riding up on the disc and then falling down against the stops. Only noticed this at low speed. Pulled all the wheels next day and applied anti squeak to the back of the discs. The noise was gone. Just a thought. Happy Trails
  5. Have you had any luck with this? Do you have a compression problem?
  6. Do you still retain the old rack assembly or is it completly eliminated?
  7. So are you saying that they ended up with a taller 5th or a lower 5th gear? Happy Trails
  8. Iam happy to report that there seems to be no differential or frame damage after close inspection. The only explanation I have as of now is that the locker engaged just as we made the downhill turn and that the bang noise was a result of the gears locking up hard. Anyway Iam keeping my fingers crossed. Ran it out in the desert a number of times with no grinding or strange noises and the rear end didn't fall out so I think Iam good to go. Kinarfi I already stole those ideas from you. Got any more? (EDIT) They were a gift, Enjoy! Kinarfi Happy Trails Dennis
  9. I would never have thought of differential support or frame damage as the source of the noise. I'll pull the skid plates and check, along with draining the oil and checking for metal chips. Thanks for the input, I'll keep you advised. Dennis
  10. We we riding the Majove Trail this past weekend (on old wagon trail running thru the Majove desert in California) when one rib of my alternator belt deceided to shread off. I was able to cut off the one rib and continue on my way. Unknown to me the belt had pulled on the rear end locker cable and engaged it. Part of the route back was over asphalt and then a hard u-turn down a sand enbankment. Just as I made the transistion from the asphalt to the sand downhill there was a large BANG from the rear of the trooper. Sitting in about 2ft of sand at the bottom of the hill, I punched the throttle a
  11. OUCH! That sucks. Did you hit something? Az Bound
  12. My neighbor is Arizona has a T-4 with an upgraded clutch. I've driven it a few times. Can't tell any difference between his and mine which is stock. Happy Trails
  13. Now that I think of it it could have been on line at Buggy News.com , try both.
  14. Look at Joyner Forum on line. I believe that someone there post pictures and info about one of the VW transmissions being a direct replacement. Happy Trails
  15. Start with the rear first. Set them so that they have approx. 1 1/2" of sag. Jack up the rear and get a measurement of the exposed center chrome shaft, then take it off the jack and measure the exposed shaft again. Although this seems like alot I believe you will be happy with the ride. Run it over some large bumps and see how you like it, adjust from here. You should be able to run over bumps and just feel a soft movement with no abrupt or harsh movement. Make sure you run your tire pressures low, it will take a lot of the harshness out when running over fist size rocks. Happy Trails

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