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  1. I have a 2009 T2 joyner for sale, health and age issues have kind of sidelined me the past several years. The joyner has been in inside storage and is in very good condition with less than 3 K miles. I have made many mods from suspension to engine and frame. I am asking $7K or best offer. If interested contact me via email ([email protected]) and I will supply additional detail information.
  2. Hi. I have a 2009 trooper that I bought new and have done a lot of upgrades to it . Getting old and have not used it in several years, if interested email me and I will give you all the particulars. Dick
  3. dpostma


  4. I have a 2009 T2 for sale with lot of upgrades and modifications, too many to list in this post. Asking $7000, if interested call or text at 661 816 4954 Dick
  5. Mark, I have a 09 trooper T2 if you still interested Great condition with lots of upgrades. Dick Postma email: [email protected]
  6. Rocmoc, your absolutely right as usual, Problem solved. What I did was to remove the horn thinking perhaps it was a horn problem. Well there are two wires that connect to then horn mounting bracket, one of which goes to ground and the other to the instruments. I initially did not connect the wires back up and that was the problem. Seems to me to be a funky way to ground the instrument cluster via a bolt holding the horn. Thanks rocmoc and for those reading this thread FYI, and who would have thunk it! Dpostma, Pearblossom CA
  7. Well I have one of those frustrating electrical problems, All of my dash gauges stopped working. I had been working on the horn button, got it working (contacts just needed cleaning). Went for a short ride and noted that none of my dash gauges were working. The smaller gauges light up when I turn the key on but go out when the engine is started, I have checked all fuses in the two boxes and all are good. I am assuming that I am not getting any power to the dash gauges but am at a loss as where to look next. I am sure with all the expertise that we have on this forum that someone can point me in the right direction to solve this problem. Dpostma
  8. dpostma

    Dick's T2

    Mods to my 2010 T2
  9. Well I have nine photos posted in the gallary. More photos will be added later. Dick
  10. Just made some changes to my T2 to make it more functional, (at least to me) I relocated the spare tire, moved the head lights, and lowered the roof rack. Hopefully the three photos that I attached will appear. OK photos are not being displayed, can some one PM me and explain how to get my photos on the post? dpostma Pearblossom CA
  11. Yea, Camp Fenner & Devils Punch Bowl are just south of me about 4 miles. Camp Fenner now belongs to the state, it's a Cal Youth Authority. Sorry you can't make it maybe I'll see you some other time. Dick
  12. I havent been watching the weather for that part of the country but hope it will be good for the Jamboree. Planning on being there on the 22nd. Need to get to work getting the T2 ready, I have spent a lot of time building a ramp system for my F150 to carry the T2. Tried to load it yesterday but found that my 3K winch just did not do the job so rather than spend more time working on it I will just trailer the toy. The ramp system required putting some old used street tires on to reduce the width so that it would fit thru the tailgait, still a pretty tiite fitt so will have to make some mods. Looking forward to checking out all the mods that you guys have done. Dick Postma Pearblossom, CA
  13. Just wondering, has anyone checked the spark plugs after a hard work out? That would tell us if it is running overly rich and just wasing fuel. Dick
  14. Not sure if this is the place to post this information, but I found it quite useful. I was trying to find some auto rims that fit the Joyner and came accross this site: http://www.roadkillcustoms.com/hot-rods-rat-rods/Wheel-Bolt-Pattern-Cross-Reference-Database.asp?LugCount=5&StudSpreadInch=4.5&StudSpreadMM I was looking for rims with a 4/114MM or 4.5inch bolt patten, I found several wheels that would work. The site has other useful information. Hope y'all find it as informative as I did. Dick
  15. I have also been looking for a high/low beam bulb but can not find one. You can get a single filiment bulb and plug it into the high or low beam wire as there are three wires, high, low, and ground. By doing that, all you have is a driving light and not a head light. I may get a new headlight can that will accept a H4 Bulb. Dick

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