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I have bought a 2018 Joyner R2. So far love it. I was not impressed with the dealer I bought from and am wanting to buy some accessories. Can anyone recommend a good dealer?New to UTV dri


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These are WIDE machines 60" class and it's heavy, about 1750lbs+ for the T2 & R2.  Consider the width of the trails you're planning on riding.  These have an automotive style clutch and transmission.  You'll have to take a more active role in managing power to your drive axle(s).  CVT transmissions are easier to drive.  Mine has 1700+ miles on it.  I run 50w oil in the engine.  Anything lighter and you'll have low oil pressure (10psi) at idle when the engine is at operating temperature.  It's not a real problem, but I like to see 20 psi at idle on my engine.  You may have to do some of your own repairs if you can't find a local shop.  I can't see spending $20k-$30k on a name brand fancy ride because other want to follow that crowd.  It's not in my budget.  ALL UTVs have some issues now and then, even the $30k machines.  Mine has some nitpicking issues but they are not show stoppers.  Personally, I like my ride.

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