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Extra Parts and Pieces


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4wd activator -- rocmoc -- New electric activator
Brake rotors -- rocmoc -- used set of the smaller rotors
Brake Master cylinder -- rocmoc -- New
Differential, rear -- Kinarfi -- Diff is damaged, but I believe it is still serviceable, and I think I did the upgrade, definitely the new bolts.2033865160104282158GxFLMD_th.jpg
Gaskets -- rocmoc -- used intake manifold gasket
Transmission -- rocmoc -- New set of shift cables
Transmission -- rocmoc -- used still good clutch with throwout bearing
Transmission -- rocmoc -- used still good short throw clutch slave cylinder

It should be noted that all parts are not for sale but just an inventory of what our group is hording.

If you have extra stuff others may need or can use. post it I'll move it here, alphabetically, and then delete your post so everything stays on one page. Or you can comment about this idea.

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We have 52 differentials fronts and rears of varying models, also complete ring and pinion sets, shim sets, bearings, 20 rear trooper CV driveshafts and 7 renegade rear CV driveshafts, 38 brake calipers loaded with brake pads for the troopers, 10 brake disks, I could go on and on, but thought you guys would need some of this stuff, I will snap and post pictures.. Also 1 transmission new for a 800/1100 Sand Viper, Fenders for the rear of troopers in every color, quite a few fronts, sides, winch plastic fronts

EDIT by Kinarfi -- These are all the new style fenders, From Joyner



If you want something from Snowman6479, please PM Snowman rather than reply to this post.



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Reply and I'll post and alphabetize by main items

Hi I have some Tropper 2 parts.

2 used rear fenders red

2 new rear fenders red

2 front stock rims

2 rear stock rims

a complete set of smaller rotors and calipers

a stock rear roll cage that goes over the motor

rear tail lights

I am looking for a rear end less crown and pinion, need spider gear washer and pin

I,ll be heading to Arizona around the 1st of Oct. and could bring parts down as I live in Kamloops BC Canada

Jerry 250-376-7694

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I"m interested in 1 front rim (for a spare tire), do you still have one? What's the price?

I have one rear rim that has a little more off set . It should work for the front. It would work to get you home as long as you are not jumping the buggy.The stock rims are a full set and do not want to break them up. I want fifty dollars for the rim . I believe it is a ITP rim. Sorry about the delay in replying as I was on the road. Jerry

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Thats the color of my t2. I have all the fenders if your still needing them.

Hi guys just letting you know I have some extra parts if any ones interested 1 green camo hood for a commando new $100.00 ,one renegade dump bed new $150.00 ,one new trooper steering box has the play in it $35.00 ,one new alternator for the commando $80.00 ,one new digital dash for the commando $45.00 ,two complete taillight assemblies fits all $25.00 each ,and one set of soft doors for the commando new$60.00. If any one interested you can pm me. THANKS

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Not sure if this is the place to post this information, but I found it quite useful.

I was trying to find some auto rims that fit the Joyner and came accross this site: http://www.roadkillcustoms.com/hot-rods-rat-rods/Wheel-Bolt-Pattern-Cross-Reference-Database.asp?LugCount=5&StudSpreadInch=4.5&StudSpreadMM

I was looking for rims with a 4/114MM or 4.5inch bolt patten, I found several wheels that would work. The site has other useful information.

Hope y'all find it as informative as I did.


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I have two Headlight glass one with bulb one without. In good shape. I replaced mine with sealed beame instead cause I got tired looking for a halagen bulb...LOL I will post the new sealed unit number later...It is a VW I think it is a 5000 series 2 headlight car has high and low beam fits perfect.......Will sell the 2 to someone that is staying original..

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Sorry for the multiple posts to different threads....I should have posted here first.

Here is what I am in need of. JMC will have parts in Jan, but it is riding season and would like to get the Trooper up and running earlier...

Ref #. Part#. Description. Qty

1. QR512---1701101. Clutch case 1

2. 4T08A1---1701111. Transmission Case. 1

29. QR512---1701710. Reverse. Gear. 1

46. TR1100. Rear inboard slip drive. 1

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