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  1. CrawlnT2

    Torquer Cam

    Yes please!! I need a set.
  2. CrawlnT2

    New shock hoops

    What size shocks are you running on the front?
  3. CrawlnT2

    New shock hoops

    Definitly would love some help with mine. I will be tackling this same project very soon. Just need to find shocks front and rear.
  4. CrawlnT2

    Silverbullet Trooper Fuel Controler

    I think that silverbullet owes us an explanation to this situation! Reliable dealer network may need some updating! IMO
  5. CrawlnT2

    New shock hoops

    I was thinking about doing shock hoops on mine. This is interesting. I cant wait to see your finished product.
  6. I dont know the length. I would say a diveline shop should beable to make your current drive shaft longer. imo I plan on doing this same mod to my t2. Take lots of pics!
  7. I think it was someone on here that said guys in russia are crazy with there Joyner's!
  8. CrawlnT2

    Upgraded Diff

    Thanks lenny. Jarred do you know the dealer that sold the unit? I dont see that being a dealers fault.
  9. CrawlnT2

    Upgraded Diff

    ^^ That's messed up! Lenny I'm going to buy that Diff fix just curious if you have a front kit?
  10. CrawlnT2

    Upgraded Diff

    Ha ha. Yea it did. Has anyone had problems with their front diffs? Thinking about taking it out and upgrading it to!
  11. CrawlnT2

    Upgraded Diff

    The bolts were equivalent to grade 5. Im replacing those bolts with bolts that have about a half inch shoulder. Im also going to re-tap the holes for 3/8 size bolts that are 12.9.
  12. CrawlnT2

    The new arrivals

    Are those 2011 Troppers?
  13. CrawlnT2


    Ordered one axle and two tie rod ends Monday from Jarred at No limit Powersports by Wednesday I had my parts in hand. Thats good service!! Thanks again Jarred.
  14. CrawlnT2

    Silverbullet Trooper Fuel Controler

    Dyno jet or Dyno dynamics?
  15. CrawlnT2

    supercharger kit for t2

    That diff gearing makes a big difference cause my top speed is somewhere around 65-70 On 28.5/12/14. I think it may be to low being that I only have 28.5 tires.