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  1. Jarrad


  2. Hello all my old friends, it has been awhile since I have talked to anyone from here. How are things going in the joyner world?
  3. I would not mind southern co or Phoenix area. I have friends in both.
  4. Wish I could, but I have no ride, and I have a race to attend in Louisiana the 27th-29th. Maybe next year, but you never know, maybe bob will send jimbo there with a new Joyner or a arctic cat. Stranger things have happened
  5. Yes methanol and nitro and a special mix of oils 30% nitro, 61% methanol, 9% oil. I bought a used motor, and when it comes in I am going to shim the head to lower compression a bit, go 2 steps colder on the plug, then try a 45% nitro 48% methanol, and 7% oil mix, since it is not my race motor, if it blows the rod out the bottom, not a big deal, but if things work well then I will work it on over to the other engine.
  6. Ford product on a Joyner? Well there is at least one part that will be reliable I will grab some photos and vid of my truck after it stops raining and dries up a bit. I have been experimenting with mixing my own fuel, turning out well so far, although my garage work shop looks like a mad scientist was turned loose in there
  7. Well I am just working away on boats, I picked up a new hobby, racing rc cars and trucks, I have managed to squeez 3.75hp out of my 0.21 CID engine on 30% nitro, so that's been keeping me busy, also we had another addition to the family 2 months ago so that takes up the rest of my free time. Other than that life's great on my end, how about everyone else?
  8. Merry Christmas to you all, I hope all finds you well
  9. I myself could slam dunk a set in about 2 hours provided I had the proper shims. Ymmv
  10. Not that hard. Worst part is shimmimg the lifters for proper clearance
  11. In my experience, the constant engaging and disengauging is the switch it's self when bouncing makes momentary contact. The switches are bad bad bad in the joyners.
  12. I got photo's of everyone from last years get together. Say the word those who are in them and I will email them to the respective owners
  13. According to chery the engine is designed to have low oil pressure at idle. Around 10-15 psi, to keep too much oil accumulating in the head, emissions reasons. 28 does not seem too low, my suburban idles at 8 psi with 25 on the high end hot. I don't see a problem.
  14. An update, the marine industry is going great. We had a pretty hard freeze this year and alot of people forgot to winterize thier boat. Bad for them good for me. I am on my 3rd engine this last week and another 2 to go. Lots of cracked blocks and broken heads.

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