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  2. Hi guys, are any if you aware of an aftermarket CV-axle option for an 09 Trooper. My front axle was popping, when I pulled it off I discovered the cv joints were very loose. I'd like to replace it with something a bit more durable. Thanks
  3. Thanks guys, we have a good source for seals here, I'll give them a try tomorrow. Video was helpful, always much easier when you see someone else do it first.
  4. Thanks guys, I'll be careful when I pull the seals just in case I can't find another set. I'm glad to know that all bearings are same size, sounds like I'll probably be replacing the rest shortly.
  5. Thanks, that's helpful, if Silverbullet doesn't have them I'll give Casey a call.
  6. Thanks for the info, I'll give him a call.
  7. Thanks, I do have a bit of movement so I'll go ahead and replace. I was just surprised they failed so quickly (probably shouldn't be surprised). With all the popping it was making on the trail I was worried it was a cv joint.
  8. Hi guys, have any of you had a issue with the front wheel bearings? It sounds like my passenger front one is bad. It pops and creaks when driving. When I have it up on jacks it creaks about twice per revolution of the wheel when I spin It by hand. It only has about 310 miles on it.
  9. Hi guys, I am in the process of changing the fluid in my transmission. When I opened the fill bolt fluid started coming out. Is this common, it seems like it was overfilled. This is a new Trooper with about 100 miles on it, so I assume the fluid was put in at the factory. My worry is that I'm doing something wrong and won't be able to get the correct amount of fluid back in. I plan to use Royal Purple max gear SAE 75w-90 fluid, is anyone else using this? Thanks for the help.
  10. I haven't decided yet, I saw that Silverbullet had one
  11. Thanks Lenny, I'll get the oil changed out today and get a cooler ordered.
  12. my 09 Trooper oil pressure drops to around 28psi at idle when its hot. I changed to a 40 weight oil which seemed to help a little. Is this normal, or should I be worried about my pump, etc. The engine has 41 miles on it.

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