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Looking for a new Joyner or Joyner parts?

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Not just a number! I'm an avid off-road junkie ( more of a climber than a mudder),35 years old from Dallas,TX, also a huge fan of the water and water sports (from surfing to skiing), Don't really give a crap about this MMA stuff that has become so popular (I'd rather watch Pac Man knock out Mayweather), If it has wheels I'll ride/drive it ( from a unicycle to an amphibian), retired BMXer, have ridden motorcycles since I was 6, I love all these things but they've really taken a toll on my body. The cold weather really slows me down, I've broken both colar bones, arm, femur, right hand, and my nose has more lumps than granny's gravy.

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I agree with Rocmoc. The Troopers have had a definate differential problem and thus have more people looking for them by far. The Renegades never had a differential problem so the market to sell a Renegade differential is much lower. Sounds like a good swap to me.


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Wish I could, but I have no ride, and I have a race to attend in Louisiana the 27th-29th. Maybe next year, but you never know, maybe bob will send jimbo there with a new Joyner or a arctic cat. Stranger things have happened

I BET it could / maybe in Ouray, CO if I have any input. Hear that guys, I am already campaining for CO. OR AZ.

rocmoc n AZ

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      Dear Joyner owners
      Any one who is looking for below Joyner parts please send email to casey from Leaf Asia  ( please send to [email protected] and cc to casey2leafasia.biz & [email protected])
      Currently, we have supply below parts: 
      1.  cv axles, cv rebuild kits, cv boots
      2.  Differentials and differential ring and pinion set
      3. Cables, 
      4. Brake parts
      5. Engine parts
      6. Other parts. 
      We will provide better price, close follow up ... 
      We can arrange productioni for parts that we can collect demands from customers  
      Have a good weekend
      Casey /  Leaf Asia 
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