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  1. Banjo Minnow

    Banjo Minnow

  2. I would agree that the Wildcat has the suspension department wrapped up. They have the best suspension on the market. The power to weight of the X and the Mav is so different that the numbers don't add up to the X winning in a drag race. But when you get one we can race and find out Hopefully once I deliver the trooper to GutPile he will be more active and take my place here on the forum. I'm sure he will be interested in continuing the betterment of the Trooper.
  3. I bought the XRS model to get the upgraded shocks. I saw the video and was wondering why they didn't show the race between the cat and mav up the hill. The visco may not be perfect but the QE kit can be put in it. I also wasn't convinced on the whoop section. I know mine rides smoother than that. Im thinking they stiffened the suspension to make it bounce. I also think the drag race is BS. The mav would handily beat the X in a race, I think. Anyway I have been enjoying my Mav so far with no issues. After Moab I may be installing the QE front diff to fix any issues if I have any. Ten
  4. I don't really miss the stick. It's kinda nice to just drive. The chassis is very similar to the Commander and the cage is the same, so that engineering is done. Alot of the commander parts fit the Mav. I guess other than that I don't know where they make their money. I have a feeling that the Mav will cut into the RZR XP sales quite a bit. After watching sever videos of the XP's rock crawling, I noticed that the trailing arm catches on some square edges. The Mav shouldn't have this problem. I don't really have any qualms with the Wildcat other than the wet clutch and power to weight.
  5. Well I have taken the maverick out a couple of times and tested the front diff. While not Moab and sandstone the front end pulled fine. Never saw the front tires not pull in 4. I've heard lots of rumors about the visco loc and know the older versions are terrible, it looks like it will work just fine on the mav with the updated version. Moab will be the true test but I am headed there April 3. I rode with a wildcat Saturday and was impressed but the quality, fit, and finish of the canam was well above. I'm enjoying it that's the most important.
  6. The popo was the jagged x edition. No biggie there. If I end up with any issues on the rocks ill just have to put in the QE diff. The vids I watched weren't too bad. I don't see anything better coming out in the next year. Can am quality is second to none.
  7. Well I finally made the decision to sell the trooper and get into a maverick. I test drove one yesterday and it was awesome. I am selling the trooper to my brother in law and will recommend this site to him for good info. I want to thank everyone for all of the great info I have gotten on here over the past couple of years. This is a great site and probably the most informative forum I have ever been on. Thanks.
  8. I'm intrested in knowing what u think. I am headed to glamis in the morning and hoping to see a wildcat and XP side by side.
  9. haha, My wife won't let me sell the Trooper because we have too much into it, so she will keep the Trooper and I would get the new Machine. I am actually really impressed with my dads xp4. Lots of power and we have never had any issues with it. I don't like the $19,300 price tag plus all the extras you need like winch, windshield and bumpers. I have seen the bench seats. It probably wouldn't be comfy bouncing around with 3 adults in one seat but 2 with a smaller kid in the middle should be fine. I am thinking maverick because Can-am is one of the more quality machines out there. My dea
  10. Actually the base maverick is set at $15,999 same as xp. Now if you are are talking 4 seaters then you are probably right. The xp4 can be converted to seat upto 6 with the bench seat conversion. Under 13k for a wildcat sounds a little fishy to me. It would make me think lemon or has been wrecked and rebuilt. I have heard the wildcat is under powered compared to the other machines in its class. But if it looks like the real deal, for 13k you could easily later afford a clutch kit and then a turbo. Good luck.
  11. Look at the new canam maverick. 101 hp, longer wheelbase than xp. 15 inches of travel. I am thinking about getting one but my dealer won't have them until feb. rumor is popo will release a new machine New Year's Eve. I will wait to see what they have. My dad just got back from Moab on Sunday and he took his new rzr xp4. He loved the way the xp4 ran over the terrain and the power it had.
  12. What I don't know about moving the mount back is that the shocks just barely fit in the current location. At full extension the bolt holes barely line up, so if I move the upper back, the shock won't bolt up unless compressed, will this affect your theory, or is this a non-issue?
  13. New question. I was sitting on 425 over 500 on the rear. I was only getting about 9- 9.5 inches of clearance with alot of preload. I just switched to 500 over 500 and still only have 10.5 inches with alot of preload. I did notice that the main spring is compressing about an inch when let off the jack. Should I go up to a 600 lb main spring? Just seems like a lot of spring for these machines, but I cant seem to get much ride height in the rear.
  14. I am looking for some ball joints for the front of the trooper. None of the distributors have any in stock and they are still 2 weeks out. Let me know if you have any laying around. Thanks
  15. I don't think the 18 will fit. The biggest that will fit is the 16 inch I think. I have the 14" and I just put on the 200 lb. spring. With about a 1/2 to an inch of preload I am sitting at 13.5 inches of clearance with the stock tires. I still feel a little stiff, but I am thinking it is like Lenny said about my valving not being quite right. I wouldn't go any longer than a 16 inch and I would try either a 175 or 200 pound spring. I am valved at 35 70 i think and I think I could go softer on the compression not sure about the rebound. Lenny said maybe a 20 90 which I would be willing t

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