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Buying a Maverick

Banjo Minnow

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Well I finally made the decision to sell the trooper and get into a maverick. I test drove one yesterday and it was awesome. I am selling the trooper to my brother in law and will recommend this site to him for good info. I want to thank everyone for all of the great info I have gotten on here over the past couple of years. This is a great site and probably the most informative forum I have ever been on. Thanks.

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Well I finally made the decision to sell the trooper and get into a maverick. I test drove one yesterday and it was awesome. I am selling the trooper to my brother in law and will recommend this site to him for good info. I want to thank everyone for all of the great info I have gotten on here over the past couple of years. This is a great site and probably the most informative forum I have ever been on. Thanks.

Does it come with the visco loc front diff? If it does I will winch you up next time we wheel in Moab :D . So you are ditching the family and not holding out for the 4 seater?

I would pitch the wildcat x, but it is $2500 more. So, I would call it 6's there. Also, supposedly Polaris is coming out with some a new machine which is supposed to be amazing.

I like the ergonomics, quality, and power of the maverik. I could not live with the visco loc and the seating is a little too utility for me (higher seating position).

I am not against you upgrading from the T2 at all, I would maybe just hold out for a little bit. If the dunes is all you do then I would say yes...go for the maverik. I have yet to see any impressive footage of a Can Am rock crawling.


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The popo was the jagged x edition. No biggie there. If I end up with any issues on the rocks ill just have to put in the QE diff. The vids I watched weren't too bad. I don't see anything better coming out in the next year. Can am quality is second to none.

Visco loc...pretty bad:


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Well I have taken the maverick out a couple of times and tested the front diff. While not Moab and sandstone the front end pulled fine. Never saw the front tires not pull in 4. I've heard lots of rumors about the visco loc and know the older versions are terrible, it looks like it will work just fine on the mav with the updated version. Moab will be the true test but I am headed there April 3. I rode with a wildcat Saturday and was impressed but the quality, fit, and finish of the canam was well above. I'm enjoying it that's the most important.

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I'll bet it is awesome and I am glad you are enjoying it. Do you miss the stick shift at all?

I am really not very familiar with the Can Am's. I have only sat in a few at dealerships. If they are fast, have great suspension, are reliable and well built, where do they make their money? No flaws? Honest question here, I don't know anyone personally who owns one.

For instance Polaris has made their money on using the same chassis over and over, being the first to build a true sport side by side, and volume of sales. My only knock on them is using the same chassis for years which allowed them to save on engineering and new manufacturing.

Arctic Cat saved on the Wildcat by using the same motor as the Prowler, some fit and finish details, and it needed some more R & D before release (drivetrain needed more testing before release). The only thing I can complain about is a loose glove box and my door latch. But they dropped some coin into the chassis, suspension, and engineering.

Hopefully we can get together in Moab again. I would love to check it out.

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I don't really miss the stick. It's kinda nice to just drive. The chassis is very similar to the Commander and the cage is the same, so that engineering is done. Alot of the commander parts fit the Mav. I guess other than that I don't know where they make their money. I have a feeling that the Mav will cut into the RZR XP sales quite a bit. After watching sever videos of the XP's rock crawling, I noticed that the trailing arm catches on some square edges. The Mav shouldn't have this problem.

I don't really have any qualms with the Wildcat other than the wet clutch and power to weight. I can't stand the local arctic cat dealer and really get along with the can-am/polaris dealer so that certainly added to my decision.

So far no problems. On the Mav forum there have been a few clutch issues, but they were limited to first production. Most guys have several hundred miles with no problems.

I would love to ride with you again 2scoops, we still hit Moab the first weekend in April and October.

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New vid of the Wildcat X. Way too expensive for my blood, but it is the baddest IMHO for the time being...

It doesn't appear they have fixed the visco loc, but it sounds like there is an upgrade? I really like its look. Can't wait to see one in person. Which model did you get?

I don't plan on making it to Moab until Memorial weekend, but we will see how things go. Due to this whole govt sequestration deal my wife it looks as though my wife and I are getting furloughed which basically means a 20% paycut for the next 6 months. This cuts into my fun money. Give me the dates you plan on being in Moab in October. You can PM me or txt me if you still have my number.

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I bought the XRS model to get the upgraded shocks. I saw the video and was wondering why they didn't show the race between the cat and mav up the hill. The visco may not be perfect but the QE kit can be put in it. I also wasn't convinced on the whoop section. I know mine rides smoother than that. Im thinking they stiffened the suspension to make it bounce. I also think the drag race is BS. The mav would handily beat the X in a race, I think. Anyway I have been enjoying my Mav so far with no issues. After Moab I may be installing the QE front diff to fix any issues if I have any.

Tentatively we will be in Moab Sept. 30 to Oct. 6 This may change, depends on how much work we have going on here at the time.

At this point I think any of the big 3 machines would be good. Each have their issues, most of which can be fixed by aftermarket, all are good machines. I have always been a can-am fan boy with 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, and jet skis. That is the main reason I went that way. So far I am pretty happy with it. Its to bad this hobby is such a money pit, but you can't take it with you, so have fun with it eh?

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Nope, sorry video is proof--lol. I figure if I keep nagging you I about your Mav I can get you to keep checking in us Trooper folk once in awhile.

I believe the X can beat the Mav in a flat plane. I am much more skeptical up a hill. As for the whoops, nothing comes close to the wildcats in that department. Even most RZR guys admit to that!

However, I am thinking the speeds at which they hit the bumps is in question. Can Am is guilty of similar video manipulation in their test against the base wildcat.

I say lets keep the video coming!

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I would agree that the Wildcat has the suspension department wrapped up. They have the best suspension on the market. The power to weight of the X and the Mav is so different that the numbers don't add up to the X winning in a drag race. But when you get one we can race and find out ;)
Hopefully once I deliver the trooper to GutPile he will be more active and take my place here on the forum. I'm sure he will be interested in continuing the betterment of the Trooper.

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I picked up the MAV a few weeks ago.. I mostly play on the rocks and I haven't gotten it stuck yet.. I REALLY like the electronic throttle... In 4 Low its easy to crawl real smooth over any terrain. It 2wd sports mode its pretty stupid fast.


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