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  1. Myron


  2. I just got a MAV.. Stupid power!.. love the thing... The wildcat looks a bit weird to me...I have seen Wildcats with suspension kits handle a little better on the whoops but it has to be modified. I hear in a side by side comparison the the MAV has better fit and finish but I have never seen a Wildcat in person... this is one of those things that your gonna get lovers and haters on both sides... Do yourself a favor.. Go to the dealership and climb all around both... Myron
  3. I picked up the MAV a few weeks ago.. I mostly play on the rocks and I haven't gotten it stuck yet.. I REALLY like the electronic throttle... In 4 Low its easy to crawl real smooth over any terrain. It 2wd sports mode its pretty stupid fast. Myron
  4. I'm slowly getting my garage into shape (we just bought this house) and its gonna take me a while to have the man cave set up how I like. I hung a bunch of rubbermaid easy track up already to get everything off the floor. Next is gonna be a epoxy painted garage floor and more cabinets...I have portable A/C and Heat and its insulated well so working conditions wont be that bad. I just gotta get a project i LIKE working on! Myron
  5. Thanks for the tips guys. I still have to repair my jeep now before I can make a move. I have the parts, but I hate working on stuff when its cold!
  6. I also did a little digging on the Reusch brand. In digging I discovered that "TheLoser" has posted the exact same verbage on another site under the screen name "Beenhad". I also discovered that the Chinese MFG. that makes the UTV that he was selling, is offering them for about 4K USD a pop. I think that I would just about take a chance on one at that price.. I know that my sons Kawasaki 90 ATV and also the Polaris 90 and also the Polaris Kids SXS 170 are made by Kymco. My kids bike has been flawless. I have seen many of the SunL 150cc gocarts running around. Myron
  7. Hey Rick, Thanks for the link. There is a blue on just like it close to me that I was looking at. I think the length just kills it for me on those. The 4 seater is longer than my Jeep and I would prefer to get maybe a 6x12 trailer that I can squeeze a UTV and my sons bike onto. I have a dodge 2500 and a 33" foot 5th wheel and our other vehicle is a Quad cab Dakota so I have to keep the trailer weight and size down a bit. Incidently I have suffered a minor setback in my plans.. I took the Jeep for a ride yesterday and after I got on it pretty good(burned a little rubber off the 33"s
  8. Been surfing CL for different stuff... I still definately plan on some sort of UTV... Just gotta get it done before spring time! Myron
  9. Yeah, I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for a deal.. I just heard that Polaris just dropped their price 1500 on the RZR because of the Commander is in high demand. Jarrad, The steering box wasnt a deal breaker. You guys dont own it, so when your owner called the guy who does own it, he wanted me to throw in another 1000.00 to do the deal. I know I can flip my Jeep locally for no less than 7K and thats what the guy wants for the trooper. Plus, you guys dont have the title yet, So I wouldnt have done it even if it was a straight across trade. I also have my 750 Brute force to deal with.
  10. Hey Guys, OK, so I went to Dallas and looked at the unit up at No limits.. We werent able to close a deal on this one but I'm still interested in a T2.. couple things, When the units lockers are enguaged, this one is super hard to steer. I expected some difficulty, but it was really hard.. Is this normal?.. Also, what does it cost to replace the steering box, this one was super sloppy. I was pretty impressed with the beefy chassis and suspension. I was hoping for a little more pep, but Im used to a 400 horse Jeep and a 750 Brute Force ATV so I shouldnt expect to be too impressed unless
  11. I will have to figure out all the details after i close the deal!.. Jarrod, I'm gonna try to get up early and load the Jeep and head that way. I'm self employed and crazy things can happen to my schedule so its not 100% confirmed but can you give Mike a heads up when you get in that I may be coming out?. I will call you guys in the morning if I can make it happen.. Myron
  12. Jarrod, Thanks for the info. I talked to Mike today and I will prolly come out on Wednesday. I think the 8500lb winch is a bit overkill on a 1600 lb buggy. Even with the wheels locked, it would drag it across the ground and up a tree.. Myron
  13. Merry Christmas Everyone!! Snowman, Cool, I do like the intake up higher though... Maybe a future mod!.. I have seen some some pretty impressive turbo mods as well.. Not sayin that I need that, but cool none the less... Myron
  14. Snowman, That doesnt look like the same engine.. The one in the link has the intake manifold up over the top of the motor. The one on your website has the intake curved down and its much lower on the engine. Maybe they only have the 2011 engines listed but it appears its not the same animal.. Also, the engine in the link is rated at 54KW which is about 72 horsepower. Myron
  15. Hey Snowman, I will prolly take you up on that offer.. I need to make a run to Dallas anyway soon... I found Chery engine MFG on line and they offer parts, but I could not find the 1.1 liter motor on their site. Also, the only one close was a 1.5 liter and rated at 71 horsepower... Myron

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