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  1. Thanks Myron. I have driven both in a small area and agree the Mav feels much more comfortable but the Cat brought a bigger grin to my face. The dealer had me hit a drainage ditch (probably about 2ft deep) coming from the street and heading into a field in the cat. It was very impressive. I felt more stable in the Cat and felt like for my style of driving I could be a little more daring in it. Both are great and it was hard to gauge power differences. Although the Mav was incredibly comfortable I opted to order the Cat. If I need to change out the seats its not that big a deal. Wish I could have them both but I know you can"t go wrong with either. Have fun and be safe.
  2. I am going to buy one of the two but my head is spinning as I don't want a mechanical money pit. Which one would be most reliable?
  3. I am going to buy a maverick or wildcat X in the next 2 weeks. I have driven both in a very small area with no way to tell which is better so I am relying on you all to help steer me in the right direction. The cat had power steering and does have more travel. I wonder if the longer stance would help in hill climbing and stability vs the maverick. Please share any experience you may have in hill climbing. I have had atvs, dirtbikes and a jeep rubicon and hoping this will satisfy my off road enjoyment since I no longer have any of that now. The maverick was definitely more comfortable to sit in and has a nicer cockpit. I was unable to gauge power or suspension in the limited area available at the dealer I mostly ride black dirt or clay. Sometimes sand and rock but not often. I am usually on tighter trails. I wont something that wont be a mechanical money pit. Its an expensive toy and I don't want to burn through more money at it just to keep it running. Unbiased advice would be appreciated supported by some basis of why one or the other is better. Thank you all.

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