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Look at the new canam maverick. 101 hp, longer wheelbase than xp. 15 inches of travel. I am thinking about getting one but my dealer won't have them until feb. rumor is popo will release a new machine New Year's Eve. I will wait to see what they have. My dad just got back from Moab on Sunday and he took his new rzr xp4. He loved the way the xp4 ran over the terrain and the power it had.

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I'll bet the maverick is at least 18k when they release it. No thanks. I am looking at a used wildcat for under 13k.

I considered the xp 4, but I would have to sell the trooper to afford one of those. They also can't carry 5 people.

My goal is to own 2 sxs's so I can go out and always have a second vehicle just in case.

Reading on different websites I haven't found a sxs that has 100% reliability.

Add in how hard I like to drive...

Plus, then both my wife & I don't fight over who gets to drive.

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Actually the base maverick is set at $15,999 same as xp. Now if you are are talking 4 seaters then you are probably right. The xp4 can be converted to seat upto 6 with the bench seat conversion. Under 13k for a wildcat sounds a little fishy to me. It would make me think lemon or has been wrecked and rebuilt. I have heard the wildcat is under powered compared to the other machines in its class. But if it looks like the real deal, for 13k you could easily later afford a clutch kit and then a turbo. Good luck.

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Actually the base maverick is set at $15,999 same as xp. Now if you are are talking 4 seaters then you are probably right. The xp4 can be converted to seat upto 6 with the bench seat conversion. Under 13k for a wildcat sounds a little fishy to me. It would make me think lemon or has been wrecked and rebuilt. I have heard the wildcat is under powered compared to the other machines in its class. But if it looks like the real deal, for 13k you could easily later afford a clutch kit and then a turbo. Good luck.

16k isn't as bad as I guessed. I couldn't find any prices on it when I searched. The Wildcat I am looking at is a dealer trade-in. Warranty is good through 2014.

Yes the only knock I have seen on it is underpowered compared to xp. But I don't do the dunes and it isn't night & day power difference. Also, I am one of the few that like the wet clutch design. It allows for more finess in the rocks & saves the drivetrain.. The videos of xp's I have seen crawling make look too jerky in low gear with the power it has. Either way it should move much faster than the trooper.

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Actually the base maverick is set at $15,999 same as xp. Now if you are are talking 4 seaters then you are probably right. The xp4 can be converted to seat upto 6 with the bench seat conversion.

Have you seen the bench seats? I wil admit, you can fit 3 kids in them, but there is no way you are fitting 3 adults.

My 9 year old is outgrowing the rear bench in the trooper. That is what made me start considering my options.

I hated the feeling of being out with the family and thinking how I would get back if something broke. I'd feel that in an xp 4 just the same because I am going to push it to its limits.

So are you ditching the trooper for a Can't Am? I actually do like the Maverick.

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haha, My wife won't let me sell the Trooper because we have too much into it, so she will keep the Trooper and I would get the new Machine. I am actually really impressed with my dads xp4. Lots of power and we have never had any issues with it. I don't like the $19,300 price tag plus all the extras you need like winch, windshield and bumpers.

I have seen the bench seats. It probably wouldn't be comfy bouncing around with 3 adults in one seat but 2 with a smaller kid in the middle should be fine.

I am thinking maverick because Can-am is one of the more quality machines out there. My dealer sells Kawi, popo, honda, and Can-am and he says the can-am's have the least issues. The only thing holding me back from committing is the visco-lok. If it isn't the QE version, i wouldn't buy it. No one seems to know yet which visco-lok it has. Since my dealer won't have any Mavericks until Feb. I am going to wait and see what popo has up its sleeve to one up the Maverick.

The good thing is that there are more options than before and the machines do seem to be higher quality than pre 2008 machines. No matter what you buy, I am sure it will be fun. I did hear with a clutch kit in the wildcat that they are keeping up (or at least more so) with the XP, but I am thinking at 101 HP the maverick will smoke both.

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Yeah, everyone likes what they have. That is why I asked the down to earth Joyner crowd--for an honest response.

The Can Am's definately have a build quality about them you can feel. That is why they usually want a pretty penny for them. My only knock on them, having only sat in a few, was the upright seating position (felt more utility than race), they feel really large, and the short wheelbase (the Maverick has addressed that). Oh, one more, the rear swing arm is tiny(once again the Maverick has addressed that).

Honestly RZR's don't impress me on quality but they do have a good track record for engines & drivetrain. Also, I am disapointed that even though they widened the track width of the XP they didn't increase the seating area. It is exactly the same as the RZR 4's & S'. Last, I hate how I feel like my shoulders hang out of the RZR's. I feel exposed.

What I liked about the Wildcat after sitting in it was the race car like seating (low & long). It also felt smaller than it is. Also the doors are nice and the rollcage extends well past my shoulder giving me a sense of security. Legroom is also better than the RZR's.

Without a doubt the Can Am Maverick will be the king of the hill in stock form. Don't be suprised if we see some of the reliability of the Can Am's go down as they push the envelope.

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Thanks guys & will do. I tell you what, I have been reading nothing but horror stories on the Wildcat forum...sound familiar? I have been researching issues and problems with them so I know what to look for. But, just like this forum not many people check in until they have problems. You think we have funky stuff go wrong...

I find for every 1 guy that has an issue there is like 5 guys saying it has never happened to them. I will tell you one thing. Joyner owners are a different breed. We really help each other on this forum. Over on the Wildcat forum it seems like there is just a bunch of bickering and guys measuring their c#cks. There are a few guys with good info, but not too many. They definately don't have a Lenny, Kinarfi, or Rocmoc.

I will let you know my honest impression once I get some seat time. And, if I ever have to tow it with my T2 I will definately be posting a picture here.

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It will be interesting to see how the comparison goes. I'm not talking about power and suspension but the differance in breeds. More like one is good for this type of riding and the other excells in this type stuff, type stuff. The wildcat with the cv transmission should be better in the dunes.


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