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  1. Hey everyone, not sure if I'm allowed to post this here.......let me know if I need to move it. I, Buggiedude, aka Niles Treman have re-opened my home based business, Treman Powersports Repair and Performance in Gilbert Az. I am now doing this full time and am looking forward to hearing from you guys that need a good Mechanic at a fair price. I am certified in the Big 4, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki.......but i also work on all Polaris, Can Am, as well as Chinese and any other Countries off-road products. Hit me up for advise as well, I got pretty good at long distance dia
  2. BuggieDude


  3. Hey folks, I have decided to rebuild my Powersports business and wanted to reach out to all of you in Southern Arizona that are tired of waiting for the other guys to fix your stuff and than overcharge you when you pick it up. I offer FREE pick up and delivery in most of the East Valley and also do House Calls. Warranty on most repairs, and with 17 years as a Japanese Certified wrench, I can do better work for less money than the other guys. Whether you are broken and need fixed or just want to go FASTER, hit me up for a free quote. No Job Too Big or Too Small
  4. I have recently been contacted by a Chinese parts supplier, is there enough of a demand for me to jump back into this? I have requested an availability list from them and will keep you all posted?
  5. I understand that they relocated Phoenix....near PBO Auto Sales....I do not have any information other than that. On a somewhat related note, I am now working full time at 1st Kick Motorsports in Chandler....
  6. Correction to my post...Railroad Tracks and Washes are on the East Side and Ghecko Road is on the West Side.... When I say Campsites I mean places that YOU can Park and Camp...nothing designated....No Power and No Water....you MUST come completely prepared....or with lots of $$$$ for the Glamis Store and Vendor Row just West of the Store...lol
  7. Whips/Flags are MANDATORY for everything.... The permits are something I cannot comment on as I have not been to Glamis a few years....however, to answer the "CARB" approved question....yes the Trooper and ALL Team Joyner USA models are/were EPA and CARB approved.... Camp sites are everywhere....but I personally like the "Washes" next to the Railroad Tracks on the West side of the Dunes south of the Glamis Store...anywhere south of Wash 7, Than there is Ghecko Road on the East side of the Dunes...I have only camped over there once....but it has Restrooms preiodically along the road and so on
  8. Actually...that is the point for running it "upside down"...we flipped one over in the warehouse on the shelf to make sure....same direction "if" it is run upside down.
  9. Thanks Rick....and no, it had to do with my lack of sales....
  10. I have spoken to the Owner about it and does not like taking anything Chinese....But I am oly working part time at the moment.....and am still working out of my Garage....I charge $50.00 an hour labor. I can also do the work at your place if you have a "work area"....I am at Recker and Ray....where are you? I will PM you my cell number.
  11. Thanks guy's, I appreciate it I think I set a record....I got let go around 1:00 PM....was at home eating some "top ramen" lol...got a call from a guy....had another job making 2 more dollars an hour by 2:30 PM...wrenching at an independant shop...hahahaha
  12. It is with great regret that I announce I am no longer employed with Joyner USA Inc., I will not be on the UTV Board nearly as often as I have been. And please do not let this hinder your dealings with Joyner, we are seperating on good terms, and I wish nothing but the best of success for them. After all, Kris and JD ARE personal friends of mine.
  13. Mainly in the brainstorming stage, but here is what we have discussed.... 1-Approx 400-500lbs lighter...using various modifications 2-Relocate the Radiator to the Front 3-New Storage opening in front of the Box under the seats 4-Acheive 14-16 inches of Travel in the Front and Rear 5-Lowering the cage 6-Stripper Pole attachment 7-Disco Light We are going after the 1000cc and larger UTV/ROV market with the Trooper.... Other Things being discussed...... 1100cc Renegade 2 and 4 Seater 400cc-500cc Sand Viper Keep in mind, these are all just idea's....if you have any input...please email
  14. That is exactly what we are discussing for the redesign of the Trooper....we don't like it either....specially now that it is "bolted" in place.

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