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  1. Looking for a couple of Trooper relays JD141B relays please email me at [email protected]
  2. There was an update and now the T is made of steel. I went to Joyner when they were in Tempe and they gave them to us. There was many parts that should have been a recall ( the dealers had a web on parts that were changed) but most of the dealers never let us know. If you were lucky enough to find out, they would give them to you free. Here is a few of the parts I got. Clutch linage,larger rotors, bigger calipers,rubber boots for the steering,new rear fenders,brackets for rear end to be welded on, 2 different rear drive shafts, the last one being like a half shaft, new fuel sending unit, temp
  3. There was an update on the T and is now made of steel
  4. I might have made a mistake I though you had a Trooper. I have a trooper crown and pinion. Lenny has my phone number.Jerry
  5. Hi Lenny things are not going as planned. I am in Toronto Canada for a wedding for three weeks then I am heading back to Canada. I have traded one of our Joyners off for a mini excavator. I am not sure what I'll bring down next year. I tried to meet up when you were in Nevada but things went wrong again. I got a piece of steel in my left up add so far I have lost about half the vision of my left eye. I call you when I get back to Canada. Jerry
  6. I have one but it is in Canada. If you still do not have one e-mail me after April 13,2011
  7. Hi what part of BC are you at. My machine is 2008 so many things were fixed for 2009. The first Joyners had two different drive shaft replacements as they had bad ujoints. I replaced my rear half shafts as I was having a lot of play back and forth and it turned out to be a bad ujoint and my crown gear was loose. They also have a rearend problem with the crown gear bolts coming loose. It is best to read all the things and you'll see the issues. I have a ton of spare parts, so if you are looking give me a call at "Removed by mod, Please send PM. Not safe to post personal info on an open forum,
  8. I have one rear rim that has a little more off set . It should work for the front. It would work to get you home as long as you are not jumping the buggy.The stock rims are a full set and do not want to break them up. I want fifty dollars for the rim . I believe it is a ITP rim. Sorry about the delay in replying as I was on the road. Jerry
  9. Harbor Freight has the switch in stock for around 5 dollars
  10. Hi I have some Tropper 2 parts. 2 used rear fenders red 2 new rear fenders red 2 front stock rims 2 rear stock rims a complete set of smaller rotors and calipers a stock rear roll cage that goes over the motor rear tail lights I am looking for a rear end less crown and pinion, need spider gear washer and pin I,ll be heading to Arizona around the 1st of Oct. and could bring parts down as I live in Kamloops BC Canada Jerry 250-376-7694
  11. Hi I have a couple of 2008 with heating problems. I found that the fans were running backwards from what I believe is correct. I changed both of them to flow out the back of the Trooper instead of sucking air towards the engine. I also spaced the fan out about 3/4 of a inch. which changed the amount of air flow about ten times the original amount. I use a water wetter with a 50% antifreeze mixture. One other problem is they will air lock. To get all the air out of the system you need to disconnect the small water line (about 1/4 inch) that starts around the thermostat housing and goes into a T
  12. I have a red one which is stored inside and the hood is very faded. My son has a blue one and it hasn't faded at all.
  13. Food for thought I messed up a cv joint on my atv. I miked the only bearing I had left then I went to my local bearing house and ask which bearing came with that size of ball. It came from a common bearing such as a 6205. I purchased the bearing for under ten bucks. When I got home I zipped cut the bearing a part and then I used the balls in my cv joint. That was about five years ago. No problems yet.
  14. I have a complete set of stock rims, but I am not sure if I want to split them up. I think I have another rear rim that is not stock will have to check when I get home.
  15. I have all the stock fenders in red as i built my own
  16. This probably probably stems from their poor air filter. It sounds like a ring job to me snowbird
  17. What part do you need as I bought a bunch of stuff from joyner?? snowbird
  18. Hello fellow Joyner lovers. I hope we can help each other sort out the Trooper problems on this forum. With Joyner going down we need to share any fixes and problems with all.

  19. trooper back on the road

  20. I have been at Joyner Tuesday and the doors are still open but not for long. They are taking inventory on Friday. I have purchased a bunch of parts. If you talk to Allan he will give you a deal on parts if he has lots of the part in stock. Toy Junkies is also buying up a bunch of parts.TOYJUNKIES phone number is 480-813-0273. 3164 S Country Club Dr. Mesa AZ, 85210. He said he will be trying to change over sensors part number to USA numbers. Seems like a very nice guy and said he would help us out. You can still buy parts internationally, UK is one of them. They also said that there was someon
  21. The fan should pull the air through the rad, heading from front to rear. This is the natural way the air flows while driving, other wise the fan would be fighting against the natural air flow. Snowbird
  22. Welcome to the forum. You could try a lighter oil in the transmission for the cold weather or better yet change it to a good full synthetic oil. The pour point for a good 80/90 gear lube is a fair bit lower then your normal gear lube. Amsoil 75/90 synthetic gear lube pour point is -50 degrees. The information on the web site states that it helps for cold weather shifting. For the over heating you should make sure your cooling system is full. There is a small hose coming off the end of the block by the thermostat (closest to the front of the buggy). Follow the hose to where it goes into the t

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