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  2. I also replaced the halogen lights on the bar with HID replacement bulbs from a conversion kit. They work out very well. Way brighter than the halogen bulbs. The only 'install' was the boxes to house the transformers (see picture) all the wiring was just unplug the old and plug in the new. The boxes are just $5 plastic junction boxes from Home Depot.
  3. Since all my riding has become so comfortable and trouble free lately (?) I decided to put tunes in the T-2 for some added entertainment (and my wife made me do it!). This unit from VDP contains speakers and amplifier, just plug in the Ipod and the line to the battery and it is done. Seemed like a good compromise on cost vs quality ($350). Sounds as good as can be expected without a subwoofer and it installed pretty easily. Just thought I would share. Randy
  4. Thanks, Lenny. Now that I now the problem exists, I carry the correct wrench to do that within easy reach!
  5. After several successful days of driving, I noticed that my voltmeter was below 12 when previously it had always been above when engine was running (charging). Of course I was miles away and with a large group. I split away and hi-tailed it back to camp (Love my GPS!) just as I noticed the lights dim out and the tach start to fluctuate wildly. Everything pointed to an alternator/regulator problem. Voltage at battery was 11.8vdc and falling even when engine was running. Voltage was present at the alternator. Starter engaged, engine ran, horn worked, etc., just no charge getting to the b
  6. I think your listing includes a fuel management unit (fmu) and a 2nd fuel pump (f/p), if so my set up uses the stock fuell pump but also has a blow off valve that allows for quicker spin up - seems to work well. Not sure what they cost. Otherwise, looks like you have a handle on it!
  7. Are you sure it is not a belt? Mine always made a terrible squeal until I replaced the belt and adjusted it correctly. (I am sure you probably checked this already, but I had to ask!)
  8. I have a turbo and have probably logged as much time at Glamis in the last 3 years with my Trooper as anybody. I can say life is grand in the dunes with a turbo. I run with everyone and go everywhere. In the time before I put the turbo on, the biggest improvement came from lighter tires/wheels. The stock wheels/tires are just way too heavy. Unsprung weight is a killer in the sand. At the same time, I used to unload everything I could to run as light as possible - remove jacks, spare wheel/tire, tools, survival stuff, winch, etc. Always made sure I was with someone in case of trouble.
  9. Paul, Check out this on ebay it may be a good place to start. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Joyner-trooper-viper-renegade-alternator-/150688267731?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2315b87dd3 How did you break it? Good luck!
  10. I thought the same thing until I found out that AvGas is LOW lead, not UNleaded. I understand that it is not good for anything but emergency use (except of course for airplanes that are designed for it). I go to a little auto shop on the westside near 51st ave and Bethany Home Rd. I use so little of it (compared to the hundreds of dollars of Diesel I use in the MH!) that I just don't worry about the cost. I try to have 20 gallons on hand all the time. Hardly ever run through more than 10 gal on the average trip.
  11. Paul, I have the stock fuel pump. The fuel controller should help with the turbo requirements I would think. I ride regularly with RZR's, RZR 4's, Ranger's, Rhino's etc. I am the 'old fart' of the group (the others are my son's and their friends) and I got the turbo so I could keep up. The t-2 w/turbo will out accelerate any of them if you can handle the gear box. I have never been out climbed. The main limiting factor is from my neck up, I am a conservative driver and I am sure someone else could get more performance out of my rig, but I like it and it works for me! (I am more often
  12. 2scoops, My turbo was installed 2 years ago by Scott at Unleashed Motorsports in Prescott (he is now in Mesa, I think?). I have about 1500 miles on the turbo and 2500 miles overall on the Trooper. I have had to 'PB Blaster' the waste gate linkage which got a little sticky and allowed overboost, but other than that, no issues. I dialed up the pressure on the fuel regulator, but I think it still leans out when you are in full boost for a long period of time. I just back out of it and then get back on and it is fine. No intercooler. I can hear and feel the turbo at around 2k and boost gu
  13. Just returned from a week at Rocky Point. It was fantastic, no problems of any kind. Felt as safe as I could be (I am always a little 'careful' in Mexico). The border crossing at Lukeville was uneventful both directions (except the US side entry gates are still too narrow for my Motorhome!). I would have to say Puerto Penasco is 'A - Okay' and just the same as it always was. There was not as much traffic or crowds because of the economy or the cartel stuff or both. Sun sand and cerveza was as good as ever. I am now planning a trip to San Felipe for the BAJA 250 in March.
  14. Very disappointing! There are quite enough uncertainties about travelling south without adding that as well. I will keep an eye on it, but I am a little nervous about committing time and money to put together a trip for the 3 or 4 groups (family and friends) that want to go down there........ Maybe things will get clearer soon. I really want to poke around out in the desert of Baja. As you know, it is a special environment. I compare the feeling of solitude and 'connectedness' (?) to the feeling I get at Glamis, way out away from it all in the dunes. Thank goodness you made me aware! I
  15. You scared me with the permit stuff, I think for the type of trip I would make there is no permit/import fee required. I copied this from a Mexican Insurance site: Article Summary Banjercito - Mexico's Banco Nacional del Ejército Fuerza Aérea y Armada - is the government authority who issues vehicle permits. NO VEHICLE IMPORT PERMIT IS NECESSARY TO DRIVE IN THE ENTIRE BAJA PENINSULA OR ROCKY POINT. Vehicle import permits are needed if you travel outside of Baja or outside the border zones (generally further than 16 miles from the border) or outside the permit-free zones of Sonora. Lookin

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