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  1. Thank you very much! Save me a trip!
  2. My 1100 viper is in storage and I want to know if anyone knows the diameter of the roll cage. I want to put new mirrors on it but dont know this info to order them. Thank you Paul
  3. Yup...it was the belt....thanks a lot for all the help
  4. I have 27X8X12 front tires....that size is hard to find....the 27X9X12 are easier to come by. would these fit? Thank you all
  5. No idea....I've been to two autoparts stores...lots of ideas as to what will work...but no luck. It would be sweet if there was a list of parts that are cross referenced. I've seen some items..like a fan belt, oil filter, but for starters, alternators, fuel pumps and such...not much luck
  6. The turning radius on my viper absolutely sucks!!!! does anyone else have this issue? Any ways to fix?
  7. Thank you for all the responses....I bet you guys are right....I bought a new belt today. Ill find out if it works this weekend. Never thought it could be the belt because it was tight.
  8. I did not break it...when I first start the motor...it is screaming then quits after a bit. When I turn on the light, it starts to squeal again...weird...I was looking on Ebay, but they are exact replacements...I heard there are alternatives for a lot less money.
  9. Need to replace the alternator in my viper. Does anyone know what vehicle alternator will fit? Having no luck searching this topic Thanks

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