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  1. Yep, that was a fun and exhausting day! We did the Martinez Cabin and then the Coke Ovens- the Joyner crawled over everything but the manual steering and suspension really beat the snot out of me. My buddy rode his Raptor quad and I drove the Joyner with his son as my co-pilot. We left Vail (southeast of Tucson) about 7am, took the Florence highway to turn off after the bridge right after the AZ State Prison. Did the Box Canyon, Martinez Cabin, hit McDonalds in Florence and were home by 11:45pm-long day. My buddy got hung up trying to climb the rock steps on a very steep rock hill climb comin
  2. Do a Google search for - Coke ovens Superstition Mountains Florence, AZ, Martinez Canyon Superstition Mountains, Martinez Cabin Superstition Mountains. The coke ovens were used by miners to burn Mesquite wood for days and make a type of charcoal called coke. It was said that it burned much hotter and was used in their smelting process. http://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/arizona_09189/ride_1af5.htm http://hikearizona.com/decoder.php?ZTN=830 http://www.expeditionswest.com/adventures/2004/martinez_2004/index.html http://www.desertusa.com/mag01/jan/stories/ovens.html (this
  3. What does pulling the pin 70 do? Is it easy to see how I need to reseal this ECU with silicone-just go around the mounting area with silicone and same for the plug?
  4. This is the first trip we took in the Joyner. Beautiful views and awesome rock formations. About 5-6 bone jarring hours-nothing stopped the Trooper! EDIT - Kinarfi -- Merged your error and delete another. Welcome to the forum.
  5. The first trip we took in the Joyner was to Martinez Cabin near Florence. Then we took the side trail to the Coke Ovens. About 5-6 hours of bone jarring rugged wheeling. Beautiful views.
  6. Let me know sometime and we can meet up thx Bob I removed you phone number, better to PM each other. Not good to have you number or email up on any site. I wrote it down and will PM you my number. rocmoc n AZ/Baja
  7. That's where we live, near Wentworth and Sahuarita, how about you? We take the Joyner into the Santa Ritas often-it's out my backyard basically, we just head up Copper Cut.
  8. I live in Tucson and just bought an 08 Trooper 2 back in May, about the time everything fell apart with the dealers. Who was the dealer in Tucson and do they not have plans of carrying the Joyner line again? thx Bob
  9. Another thing I thought was interesting is when I pulled the axle from the diff, I expected it to pull out of the inside of the diff, have some gear lube poor out,etc..When I pulled the shaft, it had female splines on the diff end of the axle shaft and there is a splined shaft sticking out of the diff. I talked to Silverbullet Motorsports in Yuma, he said some of the diffs are set up that way. So, no circlip on the end of the shaft to slip into the diff-it just slides over the shaft sticking out of the diff. Bob
  10. Thx Mike. I emailed Jarrad and he doesn't have any axles right now. I spoke to the guys at JMC and they are waiting on containers of parts that are on their way from China. Since the joint was clicking I am assuming that the joint is bad. I didn't notice anything was wrong, we had been out in water,sand,dirt for about 7 hrs of rock crawling through some canyons in the Superstitions mtns here about a week before so I'm thinking a lot of crud worked it's way into the joint. I was about 20 miles from home when I heard the clicking and drove it home-only clicks I think when I turn left. thx Bob
  11. It was clicking pretty bad and so based on what I've seen on CV halfshafts from cars, once the clicking sound starts, it' toast. But if you think I could cut the boot off, clean it and pack it with grease I might give it a try. What do you think? thx Bob
  12. I was wondering if anybody had a rt front axle for a 2008 Trooper 2? One of the cv joints is toast, it's clicking pretty bad. I can't find anyone that has one-JMC has one on order for me and it will be here once they get their containers but I wanna ride now!. I'll just buy the other one from JMC when it comes in and have it as a spare. It seems to turn sharper to the right than to the left so maybe it got over-extended.I'm still baffled as to why it ripped the boot with only 3200km on the clock, it's an 08' and you would figure it would hold up longer than that-It was a pretty severe trail we

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