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  1. Hi guys just letting you know I have some extra parts if any ones interested 1 green camo hood for a commando new $100.00 ,one renegade dump bed new $150.00 ,one new trooper steering box has the play in it $35.00 ,one new alternator for the commando $80.00 ,one new digital dash for the commando $45.00 ,two complete taillight assemblies fits all $25.00 each ,and one set of soft doors for the commando new$60.00. If any one interested you can pm me. THANKS
  2. Gumball You can contact me buy phone or e-mail. go to dealer locator on joyner website under state of pa. contact JGS ATVS I might be able to help you out.
  3. Gumball The metal pin is in that little hole in the differential The small hole on the actuator with the o ring on it slides into the diff and the pin slides into the hole on the actuator.When you put it into the two wheel drive mode the actuator turns pushing on the pin holding the sleeve away from engaging into four wheel drive.Since you are stuck in four wheel drive you have to make sure there is power to the actuator and you can hear the motor.If you can hear the motor run make sure the plastic rod is not broke in the actuator.
  4. GUMBALL The actuator pushes a pin in and out to engage and disengage the four wheel drive.Make sure the gear is not stripped or the piece that pushes on the pin.is not broke.

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