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  1. Id like to buy the alternator.. how do i go about doing so? Do you have a website? And is this price shipped?
  2. Which leads me back to the original reason why i am mythed about it.. works fine after i turn the steering wheel back and forth a few times... belt is tight.. apparently good pressure... im thinking debris in the system.. if not it my be a check valve for ventilation.. but no one has confirmed weather or not it is a closed or vented system... no one knows anything about my abomination lol..
  3. The pressure seems to be fine.. also tightened and tried belt dressing trick long before my post.. i am a mechanic.. but do appreciate and thank any and all input.. i do overlook dumb stuff just like anyone else.. im only human lol...
  4. So ive noticed.. i checked pressure from pump without the top on reservoir.. the fluid almost hit the ceiling in my shop.. i have a tractortrailer shop.. so the ceiling is above 13f
  5. The belt seems tight.. i will try to tighten it more and see if that makes any difference before i pull any more apart
  6. Yes since the day i bought it used.. ive had so many issues so far.. fan not working.. alternator.. power steering pump.. lights.. all and all it seems to be a well built machine.. but for the price i paid for it.. i expected a whole lot less issues
  7. Squeels like crazy until I re bleed the system/ crank the wheel back and forth... every timeI start it... i was thinking of swapping to the electric power steering.. however seems a bit pricey.. ill work on pulling both and get back to you with better pics
  8. This is the hydraulic steering pump.. Probably also not a good enough pic.. it is located on the bottom right rear of the engine and machine.. the reservoir is a cast aluminum square box located on the front of the frame just under the hood.. my question is.. is it supposed to be vented? Because it is not.. it seems to be a sealed system
  9. Im going to work on pulling it out today and pull it apart on the bench.. ill get you some better pics after
  10. Its hard to tell because it is dirty.. and if i were a guessing man.. id say burnt or at least super weathered like its been sitting under water for a month.. i also noticed that both wires at the plug on the alternator both have 12v going in.. is that correct or may i have some sort of wiring issue?
  11. This is the best i could do for a picture of the power steering pump.. i could not find any numbers but am still looking
  12. Also i had another question about the charging system if anyone could help me out... i was testing the wires at the plug on the alternator.. both wires going in have 12v.. before it is started.. does this sound right? Or might i just have a wiring issue?
  13. Ive tried many times to post pictures but have been unsuccessful.. i will look for lables or numbers on my pump.. and will try again to post pics

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