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  2. It's interesting that you mention that ... with the new 4 stroke engines and Arctic Cat has one that produces 177 hp (stock) I wonder how hard it would be to convert for dirt use? Not to mention all the after market products available such as remapping fuel, air and turbos that are available. A lot of sleds these days easily push close to 300 hp.
  3. Well so far I've been more than impressed with the new sled. Bone stock it has just over 160 hp, curb weight of 580 lbs and 106 ft lbs of torque and stock top speed around 115 mph .... I've been thinking about putting velcro on my gloves and the handle bars to help hold on! lol It handles the trails like a rocket but it really comes into its own doing cross country .... it really should come with a small set of wings as it sure likes to catch air.
  4. Well folks I've parked my Trooper for the winter .. too much snow. I've tried driving it in the snow but the throttle body kept freezing and I'd have to stop every five minutes to chip away the ice. If anyone has any ideas on how to cover the throttle body I'd be interested. I've picked myself up a new winter ride and so far I've zero complaints! I look forward to spring time and getting the Trooper back out. Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. Barry
  5. Looks good Kinarfi. With the foam being so flexible though, with just a little bit of mud on it won't they just droop down and potentially hit the tires? I want to get rid of my plastic fenders as well as they've been cracked and glued a few times now and the rattle so much when I'm driving. The flares I've made are from mud flaps off a big rig. They're flexible yet sturdy enough that when caked in mud they retain their shape. Only thing is I need to find the material in longer pieces in order to completely get rid of my fenders. Still working on it.
  6. Lenny, my T2 does similar on gravel roads but I've just attributed it to the fact that I'm running on MudLites. On any other surface handling is fine but on gravel it's like I'm steering in the general direction I want to go. Although I've gotten quite good at sliding through corners like a pro, rolling over is always on my mind. I was hoping that switching to truck tires would alleviate the problem but I've not done that yet (mud it far too much fun). What type of tires are you using? Barry
  7. I'm pretty sure that's a guy driving
  8. Thanks Lenny and Kinarfi. I had thought about using a motorcycle exhaust but they're all 2" or smaller in diameter and the outlet diameter on the Trooper is 2.5 Did you just use an adapter?
  9. Kinarfi, I really like how quiet your trooper is, what did you use for a new muffler. I can't find anything to use up in my neck of the woods and frankly, my trooper is just too loud! Barry
  10. Has anyone seen the new Can-Am Commander yet? It looks pretty good and they claim that it's very fast as well. http://www.atv.com/manufacturers/can-am/2011-canam-commander-preview-1683.html
  11. Has anyone had any word on when JMC will be up and running?
  12. I had the same problem with my starter last year. I figured that as I attempted to use my Trooper as a submarine once, that with all the water etc in the starter maybe there was some corrosion. I took the starter and solenoid off, cleaned everything up and bench tested it all before reinstalling. Everything worked fine, until it was reinstalled and the same problem. I even used a screwdriver a couple times, across the two terminals on the solenoid to get it running. Not too long after thinking I had it all sorted out, the ignition went dead. After tracing and testing every wire, I found the problem was with the master power swtich ... so I bypassed the master power switch and everything worked fine for a while. The starter started acting up again .. so I just replaced it with a new one. I still have the master power switch by-passed though .. just have to make sure all electricals are turned off when I'm done for the day. The last time my starter acted up the Trooper was just coming out of the shop at Mudslinger Motorsports. Trevor at Mudslinger had a starter in stock and $260 later, I had a new starter. Haven't had a single problem since.
  13. The gauges on the Troopers aren't the greatest. If you search through the forum there have been a few people who've replaced the gauges with some marine grade ones .. exact fit for the holes in the dash. My T2 used to over heat all the time, so I moved the rad up on top of the rear deck and haven't had a problem since. There's photos in the gallery.
  14. Mine has faded quite a bit as well ... and not evenly. It also is stored indoors and only sees the light of day when I'm out riding.
  15. Krustygun ... that looks really good! I made my flairs by using mud flaps for a semi-truck, but they don't stop all the mud. Driver and passenger still get their exterior arms covered in mud. Could you post some more pics of yours. I would like to copy your design. Barry

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