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  1. i replaced my lights with kc 55 watt bulbs. They fit right into the housing without any mods 55w Ice Blue H-3 Halogen Bulb #2762 Bulb 35w H3 Halogen KC #2550 the only problem i had with doing the is i had to separate the roof lights into pairs with a switch of thier own
  2. my speedo hasn't worked since i welded the fenders on. i tried a new ecu and it still didn't work. the snow is all gone in the crowsnest pass but there is still a lot of snow up on the rocks. the snowpack is 178" yet, a little over 14feet i live here in calgary
  3. i have put foa shocks on my beast and did some welding on it to improve the mudslinger i also installed better lights in this thing 100 watt kc bulbs
  4. what upgrades should a person do to his 08 ?
  5. i have about 928 miles on mine but the spedo hasn't worked in 2 years . so your guess is as good as mine as to how many miles are on this thing . i am heading for bc this weekend to torture it some more.
  6. dodge neon rims bolt right on , i slapped on a set with snow tires and really found out how fast these thing really are
  7. its not that bad it only snows about 4 months of the year there is about 18"on the ground here and it is currently -14 outside it is fun to play in and the ice is great fun too when i took those pictures i noticed the shock seal were leaking
  8. i have more pictures in the photo gallery which may be a better place to see them
  9. i have replaced the stock bulbs for kc day lighters bulbs they are 10 bucks for 130 watt. the only thing you will have to do is rewire your lights on the roll bar. the nice thing about these they are great for night riding . with all 6 lights on the person in front of you will be able to catch a tan at 20 feet out and also not have to worry about being cold kc does sell lower wattage bulbs but i am one of those guys that think " go big or go home" i also had to separate the lights into pairs with relays. the factory switches just cant handle the amp draw i also purchased kc clear
  10. i ordered 8 130 watt light bulbs for my unit and slapped them in. not a good idea at first . i melted the fuses right to the fusebox i had to run 4 separate relays and install a fuse box just for the lights . i was in my trooper at night and being able to see half a mile with ease , i jumped into a rino with factory lights and it was scarry doin 65 at nightin that thing we were barely able to see 50 feet or so . with my lights night diving is fun. i had a lad in front of me on a quad and he could feel the heat on the his back about 50 to 75 feet in front of me . i have factory h
  11. has anyone used elka suspension shocks i am looking at them i ordered foa and i am not impressed at all with that product at all i had to change my mounting brackets i have contacted elka and they are going to give me a quote today
  12. can't take any good pictures today it is snowing again
  13. i was traveling down the road at about 4500 rpm and i lost oil pressure. and she over heated real fast . pulled over and found i had lots of oil. it wasn't burnt . i run royal purple after i had let her cool off all was fine any ideas on what would cause this problem?

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