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krusstygun Explorer

what upgrades should a person do to his 08 ?

i have put foa shocks on my beast and did some welding on it to improve the mudslinger

i also installed better lights in this thing 100 watt kc bulbs

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    • By Cameron
      I did a compression test and was only getting 30 psi. I found that my piston head has insufficient lubrication and/or overheating. I posted pictures to get any thoughts on replacing bore or just have it hone. I know my piston head definitely needs replaced.

    • By tangojay
      Wife and I took a guided tour while visiting Zion Natural Park and well,,,,, the bug hit us HARD. 
      We live in the White Mountains of Arizona, the is many street ATV’s and many trails within driving distance , thus a trailer is not needed for most.
      ‘Here is what we have in our “want” list, 4 seater, doors, street legal , front and rear windshield,,,,, we have not settled on brand or model, so here is we I hope you folks can help us.
      1) Should we buy new or used?
      2) What APR should we expect ( we both have over 800 scores) if we finance?
      3) If we buy used, what should we look for and how many miles is a no go? 
      4) I know it is subjective but, which brand is consider “premium” and which would be considered “entry” 
      Thanks for info you may provide ,
    • By dKurmudgeon
      Hi All,
      I am considering acquiring a used 2018 Textron Stampede, with about 600 hours, but need a little advice.  The person selling it is asking $8400.  The engine and transmission seem fine but it needs a bushing replaced and new rear door latch sets.  Any idea what the the stated repairs might cost.  Just looking for ballpark guesses.  I'd do the work myself but I'm partially disabled, so a bit limited.  My home borders on BLM land in northern Nevada, so a sxs 4 seater is kind of a must have. for visiting family and friends.
      Any advice will be appreciated.
    • By PSU412
      Hi! I’ve never owned one before. I saw a decently good offer though for one online. It’s taken apart partially, has an engine that isn’t seized but isn’t working, and apparently has all the parts. It’s a 2006 supermach 700. I’ve never really worked on cars or anything similar, but this seems like an interesting project. Does this seem possible for someone in my position to get this thing running? Even in a more broad sense, how likely is it I can figure out how to fix mechanical issues in different Utvs when they arise? Any advice of helpful information on this?
    • By Cougsfan
      I just replaced the OEM Discovery batteries in my 2017 E1 with Trojan T-105's.   The dealer reprogrammed the charger for these batteries.    I use the E1 almost constantly around my farm,  but seldom put more than a  a few miles a day on the rig.   As I don't need long range, it was recommended I stay with lead acid batteries as the cost became a significant factor.    My question is it is better for the batteries to charge my E1 every night or to run it a week or so and take the charge down  a ways before recharging.
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