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Should I run my batteries down before charging?


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I just replaced the OEM Discovery batteries in my 2017 E1 with Trojan T-105's.   The dealer reprogrammed the charger for these batteries.    I use the E1 almost constantly around my farm,  but seldom put more than a  a few miles a day on the rig.   As I don't need long range, it was recommended I stay with lead acid batteries as the cost became a significant factor.    My question is it is better for the batteries to charge my E1 every night or to run it a week or so and take the charge down  a ways before recharging.

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As long as you aren't discharging below 50% on a lead acid it shouldnt make much difference.

I'm not familiar with those specific batteries and charging setup, but there are other issues that come with using multiple lead acid type batteries. One is that you will need to periodically do an equalization charge to keep the batteries equal. This is true with any multi-battery lead acid setup. Typically on a multi battery solar home this is done monthly and is accomplished by charging at a slightly higher than normal voltage, should be similar on a battery powered vehicle. The other concern with leaving it on the battery charger all the time would be electrolyte evaporation. If it's a wet type battery you would want to check and make sure the cells are full periodically.

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If its had the correct algorithm put in then the DeltaQ charger has a balancing phase. Although that overcharge can be a bit to aggressive as on the Rangers which also use Trojans, and many people suffer because the batteries gas a lot, that rusts out the base plates and chassis (I just replaced a section of rusted through chassis on a Ranger)  You must also water the Trojans to repace the lost / evaporated water on a regular basis. If not then they really wont last long at all. Thats one reason why Hisun went for the Discover , as they dont need maintenance, which many people just dont do. On the deltaq charger there is a small rubber cover on the drivers side front, above that is a display. If you push the plastic cover above the display (Above as in going up from the ground, ) you will eventually feel a small clicking push switch. Dont push too hard just move about that area until you find it. Then while pushing the switch, plug in the mains, it will then show a P123 number. note that number and let go. Thats the algorithm thats in use. Post that on here.  And dont leave it too long before charging as its easy to let them get too low, you (or someone else jumps in and thrashes it and hey presto you have badly flattened batteries. The rot sets in as soon as you start to over discharge and pull high currents, especially if the watering hasnt been done adequately.  Juts work out what works for you ideally dont let it get below something like 50 to 60 % especially in the winter. In summer try and keep it out of the heat when charging that lessens gassing (its cooler to start with). Heavy discharge is not good for any Battery, deep discharge included. And especially when new.  The Trojans are also a bit less Ah than the Discover, although they both express the Ah in different ways. The Trojan is around 15% less capacity. So again dont expect the range you once got. 



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