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  1. My dealer gave me a complete and thorough service manual loaded on a thumb drive with the purchase of my E1. A dealer shouldn't have a problem with sharing one with you. As I would expect, there isn't a section on suspension squeaks. The unit is quite quiet. If the rig made any engine noise, you probably wouldn't even notice those squeaks. If you have greased all the fittings I would spray down where the shock springs rub against the shock body with silicone spray. My guess is that is where the noise might be coming from..
  2. That is absurd you had to go through all that hassle , Cliff I bought my Hisun used so who ever owned it before never thought to provide the adapter. Sounds like it may not have worked anyhow. So I will keep on my list of things to make, and will do it as soon as I get done with the dozen or so items of higher priority for me to make.
  3. I dunno. It is kind of weird they would put on an odd non-standard receiver size like that. I am thinking of fabricating one but have never gotten around to buying the material (if I can find it) to do that.
  4. I have looked all over Amazon. Didn't see a single 1-1/2" receiver. Do you have a link?
  5. I was going to buy a trailer hitch set up to go into my Hisun E1's receiver. All I can find for sale are hitches with 1-1/4" and/or 2" square shafts. The hole on the receiver on my E1 measures roughly 1-5/8" square. I'm guessing it takes a 1-1/2" hitch. Where on earth do you get a hitch that size?
  6. The advice you are giving, Kenfain, is pretty much the same as what I have got as I called various people in the know to gain an education on batteries. I have also found that you can buy Lead-acid batteries for considerably less than half the cost as the Discover batteries. You can find various Lead-acid batteries have the same ratings, size and pole configuration as the Discover battery and will drop right in. The downside is that Lead acid batteries require maintenance (keeping them filled with water and keeping them clean) where as the Discover dry cell batteries are fairly care
  7. I just looked up the price for a Discover EVGT6A-A-AM battery on the internet. The cheapest I found was $476.95 ea.!! That would mean it would cost $3,800 plus shipping and tax to replace all 8! There has to be more affordable options!
  8. I too am anything but an expert on this subject (seems like there aren't many people who are🙂). Thanks for the link to the battery. A little history on my E1. It is a 2016 model that I bought used from a dealer about a month ago. The rig had right at 100 hrs on it total and was stored inside, and looked like new. The price was right, and it seemed it might fit my need of getting around my 46 acres perfectly (and it does). However, the range is very limited (like 15-20 miles). Actually I can live with that in my way of usage, but do intend on checking out the batteries and d
  9. This was being discussed as a side topic in another thread. Thought I'd start one specific to the point. The E1 owners and service manuals don't discuss the batteries in detail nearly as much as one would expect. I can't even find an exact spec for the battery to buy as a replacement. What are you guys buying for batteries? Any advice on what to look for? Where do you get them? I have read people saying you should replace them all at the same time if you replace any (gasp!) Are those people anal as well as rich, or is that good advice? I have saw some good Utube videos on
  10. Cougsfan


  11. The Hisun (and other electric UTV's ) really just use golf cart technology. Lead acids are stone age compared to some of the newer technologies, but the newer technologies haven't made their way into UTV's yet. And the new technologies will all probably be outdated in a couple of years too.
  12. I have an E1 and love it for how I use it. I'd be worried to use it for hunting as the range on a charge is limited. Seems to me the 45 miles per charge is optomistic. When the batteries get low it does have troubles on hills.
  13. I too have the same problem. I just sprayed the linkage down with lubricant and it helps a lot. Still happens occasionally and I just pull up on the pedal with my foot.

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