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Hisun E1 Parking brake


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I have had my E1 since late last summer and I have always noticed that the parking brake was weak or non existent. About a month or so after I purchased it I mentioned to the dealer that the parking brake did not function well. What I was expecting from the dealer, ' well bring it in and we will correct the issue.' What I got was the typical dealer response, "it may just need to be adjusted." No shit!  Well I finally decided to adjust it. A very simple process need only two 10mm wrenches.  Open the bed, remove the pin holding the bed  to the strut and move the bad out of the way. Right in front of the electric motor is a brake disk.  That is the parking brake. It has a small set of brake pads that are actuated by a lever attached to parking brake cable.  There are two 10 mm nuts on the shaft to moves the pads. Release the inner nut and hold it in place while screwing in the outer nut - that is really a bolt. After screwing it in about one turn, tighten the other nut.  Check the parking brake. If it is holding when activated, then you are good, but if not, then you may have to turn the bolt another turn. Do not turn to far or you will lock it up.1883595306_E1Parkingbrakeadjustment.thumb.jpg.65e0d249b37f9eaed7f2e5e68907eff9.jpg

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I'd worked out how to do this a while back, but it's a useful tip. My biggest problem is that the mechanism gets covered in mud, as does the bit at the front which latches the brake on until you stamp on the foot brake pedal, causing both to seize up. For an off road vehicle, it's surprisingly open to the worst off road driving can throw at it!

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The parking brake on the E1 is a very poor design. In the year I have owned it I have had to adjust it four or five times. I have to adjust about every month to six weeks. I think it was designed by an idiot. Which is possible because there are a bunch out there! I may have to put a hydraulic lock on the brake system. That will lock all four wheels. 

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One weird thing that caught my eye is that in the owners manual in the section about storing the unit, there is a single sentence that says not to leave the parking break engaged when stored. What is up with that ? At the top of this section it says something like, "when not using  your utv for more than a few hours". Then it lists several things including taking off the parking break ???? Is this true ? What happens if you leave the parking break engaged ? Does it seize up or something ?

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The parking brake on this unit is a JOKE.  It is a very crude disk brake on the drive shaft. I can imagine that it could NOT release if left engaged for a long period of time. But since it rarely works well I do not think that would be an issue, unless it had recently been adjusted to work. I find that after adjustment it works well for only a few weeks. It is a VERY POOR design. I carry a block of wood in mine to put under a wheel to hold it on a slope! I have discussed with my dealer about this issue, but have received no satisfaction . I have considered installing a brake line cut-off valve. It works by holding the pressure on your brake fluid (like having your your foot on the brake all the time), then when you push on the brake pedal it releases.

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I agree the parking brake is not all that great of design.  Mine holds fine on a very steep slope, but doesn't always fully release.  I frequently leave mine setting for long periods of time with the parking brake on and have never noticed any ill effects from doing that.

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The cable is fairly long with a number of sharp curves in it. Leaving it tight on will cause stretch, and then its going to need adjustment. Its not the greatest, but just consider it as part of regular maintenance, along with greasing the suspension grease points .  I guess people dont do that either.

The E1 may be electric but you still need to do maintenance. It does help with longer term ownership. Greasing the suspension bushes is really important and almost never done. Greasing pushes out the dirt that acts like grinding paste. Regularly pressure wash the bushes/ arms. It will help. Dry conditions with dust and sand can be really bad, wash off the excess grease / dust, re grease and wipe away the excess.  If you are really into maintenance, then strip wash and re grease all the suspension bushes annually. The propshaft has a number of grease points, and it may be easier to do this with the belly pan removed. 

If you catch the belly pan at the front edge. Dont leave this, I have had a couple with this and it then acts as a scoop , result even more crud inside. .  

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Recently my E1 has some sort of failure with the parking brake light system.   The light no longer comes on when the parking brake is engaged.   It used to be that the motor wouldn't run if the parking brake was engaged at all.   Now it will.   The problem with that is that in low range the e-drive  has more than enough torque to propel the vehicle despite the parking brake being on.  I first noticed the problem when I smelled the parking brake overheating while driving.

The bulb on the parking brake light is good because it comes on when I first turn the key on.   I have been unable to locate the switch that activates the parking brake light.   I called the dealer.   He would not give advice over the phone and insisted I bring it in.  They are too far away and it would likely tie up a couple of my days to do that.    I adjusted the park brake as Gorj showed.  So it holds stronger now, but unless you really press hard when you set  it, low range will still override the parking brake.

Anyone know where the parking brake light switch is?

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