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  1. Thanks for advice on the fuel guage. Mine is new and does not work on my 550.I will see if my problem is the same. Where do you get a service manual for the Hisun 550s?
  2. Ben, thanks again. Question: Is there an electrical connection to the pb other than the obvious one with the cable leading to the regular brake? The pb is supposed to release with the ignition on and stepping on the regular brake. There are two cables leading to the regular brake pedal. I am assuming that the cable on the left is the adjustment for the pb. The one one the right is adjustable too, and Am I right in assuming that it leads to an electrical relay, maybe for both the pb release and the brake light switch, or is it just for the brake lights?
  3. Thanks Ben 98. Took off plate and tried turning the rotor but brake too tight. I then pulled the cotter pin from the cable adjustment end and got the pb pedal to release. This freed up the pb back at the rotor and I can run it without using the parking brake. I think I just need to adjust the cable, but I’ m not sure which way to go with the adjustment nuts. At least I can ride it if I don’t have to park on a hill. Thanks Ben
  4. The parking brake is stuck on my new 2021 Coleman Outfitter 550. Any ideas one how to get it loose. I’m a new owner.
  5. Anybody know the steps required to adjust a Coleman 550 parking brake?
  6. Got a new Coleman 550 and drove it off the trailer into my garage. Set the pedal parking brake. Went out the next day, it starts and runs ok but the parking brake will not release. Tried rocking it and stepped on the brake at least ten times. Cannot get it to release. Suggestions please.

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