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Is fixing a UTV possible for an inexperienced person?

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Hi! I’ve never owned one before. I saw a decently good offer though for one online. It’s taken apart partially, has an engine that isn’t seized but isn’t working, and apparently has all the parts. It’s a 2006 supermach 700. I’ve never really worked on cars or anything similar, but this seems like an interesting project. Does this seem possible for someone in my position to get this thing running? Even in a more broad sense, how likely is it I can figure out how to fix mechanical issues in different Utvs when they arise? Any advice of helpful information on this?

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If you're motivated it's doable., but you will likely spend a lot of time frustrated and may give up.

If you want to learn to turn a wrench you are better off starting simple with things that are easier to do, to build skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Sometimes these things seen pretty simple but can be a lot of work. Troubleshooting a motor that may have multiple issues is likely to be tough for someone with no experience, and the documentation on some of these machines is lacking to say the least.

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