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Is fixing a UTV possible for an inexperienced person?


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Hi! I’ve never owned one before. I saw a decently good offer though for one online. It’s taken apart partially, has an engine that isn’t seized but isn’t working, and apparently has all the parts. It’s a 2006 supermach 700. I’ve never really worked on cars or anything similar, but this seems like an interesting project. Does this seem possible for someone in my position to get this thing running? Even in a more broad sense, how likely is it I can figure out how to fix mechanical issues in different Utvs when they arise? Any advice of helpful information on this?

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If you're motivated it's doable., but you will likely spend a lot of time frustrated and may give up.

If you want to learn to turn a wrench you are better off starting simple with things that are easier to do, to build skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Sometimes these things seen pretty simple but can be a lot of work. Troubleshooting a motor that may have multiple issues is likely to be tough for someone with no experience, and the documentation on some of these machines is lacking to say the least.

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      I have found a work around for starting the machine. If I take one of the purple/black leads (pic 2) and insert one of them in the bottom right of the starter relay (pic 1 and 3) then the machine will get power even with the key in the off position.  I'm bypassing something but don't know what. I can use my right hand to hold the wire against the lower right of the starter relay, reach over and hold the brake with my foot, then take my left hand and turn the key and it will crank. As soon as I remove the wire from the relay the machine shuts down. I have even removed the power distributor box and it will still get power when I touch the wire to the relay. Of course this is not the way it should work but if I can't solve this problem somehow I may just have to rig a connector to the relay and bypass whatever is causing the electrical issue. Massimo has told me the purple/black wires on my model are not used.
      Any help in figuring what my problem may be or other items I can try?

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      Joyner 650 commando rear differentail and its parts are avaialbe now. 
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