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Head Light Bulbs, Has any one found replacements


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Got done with my rewire and only made a few mistakes, got the 2wd and 4wd wires reversed. I ran the winch all the way out and back in and it seems my FET H bridge will handle the load, probably ought to try lifting it off the ground to make sure it can handle every thing rather than find out it can't in the field when needed the most.

Also need to replace the head light bulbs but I can't find one locally.

I thought I'd ask if any one has found a replacement, then start browsing the Internet.

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hi all maybe this has been addressed idk. What are the connectors called coming off the main headlight with 4wires, 2hi/2lo+ground. I'm looking at a HID kit which has two 2wire connectors, like the fog lights have. is that a standard size, or number ?

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