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  1. @christinnyc As someone who has actually been charged by a grizzly bear, bear spray is far more effective in stopping a threat.

  2. @WyoFile @AngusThuermer maybe they should just learn how to better use what water they have before spending that much for so little gain

  3. @billmaher Please read this high fuckery https://t.co/rSHEdd9di1

  4. How goddamn stupid can they get. Is there a link between coal dust and being absolutely retarded. https://t.co/xCVQo3PPKG

  5. 51 crackers deciding the fate of 100 million people. Some fucking democracy we've got.

  6. Republicans don't care if we die.

  7. @JPBarlow you outta get out here next summer. I'd take you on a boat ride on New Fork.

  8. Under trumps new plan, instead of getting the knee surgery I need, Russian whores will piss on it. This is huge. #goldenshowers

  9. @NatGeo How do you titillate an ocelot?

  10. The title sums it up. I put goodyear rawhide on my r4 stock rims, the tire is discontinued....
  11. I got confused by the 4wire connector and what I needed to have hi/lo on the headlight conversion, they all look different on ebay or amazon
  12. which kit for headlight and which for fog for HID conversion, I'm trying to figure out the process of converting all lights on renegade to better.
  13. Has anyone tried the HID kits, looking at some Kensun for forty bucks. What do I need to know (everything) about a conversion. I want to do a hi/lo kit for headlights and another for up top
  14. hi all maybe this has been addressed idk. What are the connectors called coming off the main headlight with 4wires, 2hi/2lo+ground. I'm looking at a HID kit which has two 2wire connectors, like the fog lights have. is that a standard size, or number ? You'll never drown, if you're born to hang
  15. Is the starter on the xuv825i compatible with the renegade 800? I've been reading the forum for a while and all of your guys info has been very handy as I work to get my r4 running, It was time I signed up and joined the discussions. mia11732 is the part number.

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