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T2 Alternator

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Does anyone have an aftermarket source for the T2 alternator, my friend has a 08 and it has gone belly up. Checked the forum search area and did not find any info. He took it to a auto parts store that checks alternator but they were unable to test it. I have the 09 model and have changed the fan belt because of a squeling noise but now wondering if it could be the alternator.

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I have a Few of the oem ones here and one I had remaned by my local guy. As far as an after market one I have not found one yet

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Although this is a late response, it may help someone in the future. My engine belt also developed a noise which I attributed to a loose fan belt. Over time I just keep tightening it and the noise went away for a while, but it always came back. Finallly, I remove the alternator and pulled it apart. Both bearing were bad. I dropped it off at a starter and alternator repair place and in about two hours the guy called me and said it was ready, fifty dollars to him and I was back on the road.

Happy Trails

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Seems to me that an alternator is an alternator. They all do the same thing. If mine goes bad, I'm going to the junk yard to get one. All I need is something that puts out about 15 volts when I spin it.


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