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how to make it quiter


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I'm sorry, but you have me at a disadvantage. I'm not familiar with that brand, or model. But since it's an 08, maybe a new muffler. The old one is probably worn out. Surely it didn't come from the factory with an unpleasant sound. Otherwise, I've seen some models have additional after market muffler type devices added for stealth, assuming quiet is the desired result.

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    • By Rick McGill
      I thought the problem was electrical but I just found this in the oil filler tube. Does anyone recognize the part? I know I'll have to tear down the whole engine, and maybe I'll find the rest of it in there. Something beg enough to seize up the engine. That was the problem I was trying to diagnose.... 'Cause it's locked up. 
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      I'm trying yo do a break up grade for my '13 Polaris 500 Ranger.
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      Hey everyone. This is my first post and I hope you all can help out here. I have a 2016 Massimo 500. I'll start out with "it is a beast" I have worked the crap out of this thing and it keeps on coming back for more. Never had an issue except one battery replacement and this cold starting thing.  When I start it up, summer or winter, it requires being in neutral, pre-loadiung the fuel by pumping the gas pedal (like an older carb model) and then once it starts, I have to maintain 3000 RPMs or more for at least three or four minutes before it will idle on it's own.  After that, it will idle for as long as you ask it to.  Any input?
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      We purchased this UTV less than 60 days ago and now I am having issues with drained battery. Used UTV for about an hour then stopped and when I went to start back up my battery was to low to start it. Jumped it and it started right up and ran fine back home. Tested charging and it’s not charging while running. Can it be anything other than the stater??? Can I look for something that I can fix Quik or does it have to go to the authorized service center to stay under warranty? It will take some time to get it in and out of service 
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      Hello I know I started this topic before but I have lost it.  So here is the story, I bought this XLT 500 earlier this year it is was and still is in rough shape the ID plate is gone, faded paint, bad window, etc...  When I got it, it ran rough and the all of a sudden  it quit running.  So I started looking into it and found no spark.  No biggie changed plug, and coil, still nothing.  So went and replaced the coil wire, still nothing.  So I have gone pretty far now.  I have replaced the stator magneto, the voltage regulator, CDI, I do have the crank shaft position sensor but have never figured out where it goes have been told around the stator but have yet to find it.  Have chased wire out and still nothing.  At the coil I have one wire giving good voltage the other one nothing, and when you crank it the voltage goes all over the place.  So besides the key I have changed every part that has to do with the starting that I can find.  So information on what I am missing or doing wrong would be great, it acts like the kill switch on the brakes is stopping it from starting, however I have bypassed that to make sure that was not the problem and still nothing.  So aside of parking this thing in the back and letting it die a slow death I am at a loss on what to do next, Help!
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