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Engine swappin'

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Well, I had a idea of swapping a 700cc FI Rhino engine into my Ruesch. I like the idea of FI and the added power from the 700 (the Ruesch is 500)

So here are the questions, how easy do yall' think it would be (motor mounts, ect.) to swap it? And second were would I get a complete Rhino engine and wiring harness?

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Anything is doable. I don't think it would be super difficult if you have worked on toys/cars before. If this is a first time, still doable but be patient. Parts & engine could be found at a Motorcycle Salvage yard, Ebay or CraigsList. Honestly, since I have done some of this stuff before, you will have more money invested than if you sold the Ruesch at a loss and bought something else faster that meets you needs. It is a fine line if all the work, time & money is worth it unless you are one of those guys that enjoy reinventing stuff.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Thanks for the reply.

I thought about that, but I figured that I would be in at least another $3000 to make it like the Ruesch (long travel kit, wheels, tires, etc.)

I'll keep an eye out for a engine and see how much they are going for.

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