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This is for all of you YANMAR UTV, SxS (Side by Side) owners. Discussions about YANMAR specific topics including the Brahma Diesel, The Bull, and The Longhorn models.

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    • 2017 POLARIS RZR 1000 EPS On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/POLARIS-RZR-1000-EPS/184671662844?
    • Here they are at the end of the print cycle (the SLA resin printer "prints" things upside down, the supports [hangers] are needed for dimensional stability: Ready to be popped off the build plate: In the "oven" for the final curing:   The "oven is a gutted 0.7 ft³ microwave oven, with nothing left but the turntable and timer. The Magnetron was replaced with a 30 W 405 nm UV LED array. 45 minutes of that fully cures the resin... The postal service will not let them be shipped in a plain ol' evelope (too thick)--I'll figure out the most economical shipping method and  post a message in the Classified section....  
    • Yup...  The rear track is so narrow there's no real need for a differential--the front OTH has to deal with steering as has been mentioned here, drive it on a hard surface with the differential locked up and the need for same becomes quite apparent. I agree that the Hisun and other lesser cost Asian ATVs and UTVS are not for those with little to no mechanical knowledge--knew that going in--those who must run to the dealer to have the spark plug and oil changed should not buy one..However,parts for my HS400 seem readily available and the machine itself is remarkable in its simplicity.. What I've seen so far is well-engineered and fabricated, the castings are sturdy and nicely machined (I was surprised tp see forged steel spindles front and rear), and the welds are near perfect.  It has grease fittings everywhere you'd want one and given the overall package size maintenance thingys are quite accessible. I have no complaints and see no reason why it will not provide a good and long service life. IF I keep it clean and lubricated as required--and do not beat-the-shit out of it as is far too common with this sort of vehicle.  Time will of course be the final arbiter. My stepson went through a $16000 Yamaha Jet-Ski in less than 9 months--did not follow break-in procedures; or perform early maintenance; and beat the piss out of it every chance he got. He rolled it and sunk it a couple times and didn't even change the oil.  Unfortunately this is the norm for a lot of motorized recreational toys...
    • you can probably find out from the parts breakdown https://www.polarispartshouse.com/

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