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This is for all of you YANMAR UTV, SxS (Side by Side) owners. Discussions about YANMAR specific topics including the Brahma Diesel, The Bull, and The Longhorn models.

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    • Not sure about those Relays, but if that solenoid is closing after the engine shuts off, that is most likely not an issue.
    • I have a Massimo Buck 450 and last winter I had the snow plough added by my dealer. After about 15 minutes of ploughing the plough went down but would not lift up. Upon inspection, it appears that the winch is permanently in the free-spool. When you try to wind back in the spool just spins. It is out of warranty and upon looking at replacing I am not sure how I would go about it. Has anyone had similar issues? Has anyone replaced it with a new winch? is so what model and how was it installed? Any help is welcomed.  
    • I am still not sure about the fuel shutoff solenoid shown in your replay - it engages and moves when I try to start, and then disengages after the engine dies....perhaps it is not opening far enough? What are the relays shown in the attached picture? Could any of those be an issue? 
    • These Hisun cables are stocked in USA Short S/N --- SKU--- Description--- Part number #2---HSLS400-5-0201 --- 400UTV-5 shift cable---PJ000002341A1102 #3---HSLS400-5-0301 --- 400UTV-5 parking brake cable ---PJ000004323A2600 #8---LS400-0301---Hisun 400UTV Parking brake cable assembly D---PJ000004323A0300 #9---LS400-0101---Hisun 400UTV throttle Cable assembly---PJ000006103A1900 #10---LS400E-0101---Hisun 400UTV-4 EFI model throttle cable assembly---PJ000006103A0900 #11---LS400-0201---Hisun 400UTV shift cable assembly F---PJ000002341A0500 #12---LS250E-0101---Hisun 250 EFI model throttle cable---PJ000006103A1000 #13---LS250-0101---Hisun 250 carburetor model throttle cable---PJ000006103A1003 #14---LS700-0301---Hisun 700UTV(A) parking brake cable assembly G---PJ0000043231102 #15---LS700-0101---Hisun 700UTV(A) throttle cable assembly I---PJ0000061032100 #16---LS450-0201---Hisun 700UTV(A) throttle cable assembly I---PJ0000061032100 #17---LS450-0101---Hisun 450UTV throttle cable assembly S---PJ000006103A1601 #18---LS450-0301---Hisun 400UTV Parking brake cable assembly D---PJ000004323A0300
    • Dear Joyner owners,   I am Working on sending brake parts to customers.  But anyway it is expensive sending small qty parts to USA.  To make sure customers can get brake parts sonner at better cost,  We are collecting demand for Joyner brake parts from customers for two weeks ( from now on till Oct-10th-2023)and then we will arrange production based on the demand qty we collect.  Any one who need Joyner brake parts please send me email at [email protected].  Thanks  Best regards Casey/ Leaf Asia 2023-09-25  
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